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An affordable home built with love and a small budget

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Müllers Büro Minimalist houses
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When a designer couple wanted an intimate house that combines clean lines with bright colours, they contacted German architect Frank Müller from Müllers Büro to help them out. The team set out to fulfil their clients’ wishes, but also to create a structure that exudes a timeless vibe. 

homify 360° invites you to journey with us to this sublime little house, located on a small plot of land near the forest. Seemingly a small layout, it is made from modern and durable material with a coat of neutral colours for that timeless effect. All this makes this modern house a charming example of simplicity. 

Let’s take a look!

A simple structure

Although the house takes up a small and intimate space, it still presents a modern, chic facade. White plaster adorns the outside walls, joined by a light grey roof to give a nice balance to the neutral palette. The white window frames blend in seamlessly with the walls, adding to the silent and serene vibe. 

The skylights have been awarded slightly darker frames, making them a prominent feature on the roof. The overhang of the open gable roof is minimal, freeing up more space and emphasising the clear lines of the tiles.

The garden view

From this angle we get a better view of the paved terrace that surrounds the house. A charming selection of rattan and wooden furniture fills up the one end, presenting a quaint space for teatime. 

A picturesque garden adorns the lawn, and does an effective job of adding colour and lushness to the environment. Don’t those pale purples and pinks go stunningly with the green and white? 

Windows have been placed in the wall, opening up the interior to some welcome sunlight.

A soft lightness

The light, neutral colour scheme of the interior is a joy to behold, and does wonders for small spaces. Notice the appearance of lines in the windows, bookcase, floor, etc. 

Thanks to the windows and skylight, natural light comes flooding in from multiple angles, illuminating breakfast and lunch superbly. The wooden floor is reminiscent of a peaceful and sunlit beach, and blends in subtly with the white walls. The wood chosen for the dining table and chairs is more caramel coloured, contrasting quite efficiently against the grey coloured slipcovers. 

Soft touches of pear- and chartreuse greens bring some natural flavour to the interiors, making for a pleasant welcome.

Visual freedom

The dining area has been blessed with a high ceiling, allowing for more visual space and natural light. This angle comes from standing in the study upstairs, giving an impressive view of the dining room and patio below. 

The clear, white walls form a perfect canvas for some decor, yet one gets the impression that it’s perfect just the way it is – clean and subtle. Less is more, as they say. 

Feel free to view some more dazzling examples of dining rooms.

One with the kitchen

The neutral palette extends into the kitchen, which shares this open-plan floor with the dining room and living area. Two parallel rows of cabinets make up the kitchen dimensions, coated in pristine white. The darker countertops break the white mould slightly; a welcome addition that fits in beautifully. 

This floor is clearly the “living zone” of the house, where the residents can spend time together and carry on full conversations, even when being in different “rooms”. 

Notice the minimal use of textures to amplify the illusion of space – a characteristic of the modern style. 

Although only slightly visible, we simply love that charming and slim U-shaped wooden staircase leading up the top floor. How does this one compare to other Modern Staircases? See for yourself.

Perfect for thinking… or relaxing

The neutral colours and serene vibe of the study transforms into a clear space that is perfect for contemplating ideas and laying out strategies. How often do we see attic spaces as dark and uninviting areas? Not in this case, as natural light comes in by the bucket loads thanks to the skylights and windows.  

Notice the peak of the roof, creating a beautiful space contour (and sufficient room for thinking bubbles to help along the workload). 

The top floor also houses a bedroom and bathroom, but we’ll skip the private areas on this tour. 

Simple furniture, serene colours, functional spaces and sublime layouts – it just shows you how a small space can make a big impression!

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