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Weekends are for sitting back and taking it all in. Which is why these home owners decided to have a home dedicated to the weekends. This weekend retreat by the architects at Prarthit Shah Architects in Rajkot ensures that the family has a space where they can take a backseat and enjoy all the good things that nature has on offer. This includes sunsets, an expansive space with an open layout and a natural vibe throughout the home. Exposed columns, a concrete frame, stone, glass and various other materials come together to create natural yet refined looking home. Come and have a look at the space to know more.

A Natural Vibe in a Modern Setting

The facade of the home ensures that nature and all things modern meet in a seamless manner. The concrete and chrome elements may have a grey hue which is ultra modern, the overall look is one of vibrance thanks to the saffron color of the wood and the stones on the side wall leading you towards the entrance. The steps have been traced along the main entryway with greenery for company while glass walls and sliding doors encourage an open vibe.

Towering Villa

The villa has a true blue towering look which is case in brick hues. The colors of the bricks go from faded and rustic shades to vibrant red which comes through for the fence of the home along with delicate and dried bamboo. The serial stairway is an exposed one running as an external feature of the home, while the concrete structures define the space.

​Plenty of Space for Play and Rest

What’s a weekend retreat with plenty of avenues for play and rest? These green grounds fall in layers as you emerge from the sliding doors in glass. The green and stone spaces are accentuated with wooden benches and pottery. In the distance one can spot plenty of greenery.

Lofty Looking Space

Even though it is tucked behind the green trees, this home is a spell binding one with linear boxes in an asymmetrical setting. Glass and concrete come out to play in this beautiful wooded area with stone steps in front.

Terraced Beauty

The terraces of the home provide a 360 degree view which is absolutely breath taking. The sandy stone structure on this side with the stone bar on top and the concrete columns make for good design values as well.

​Views from Every Corner

This room also gives you a view of the verdant outdoors. The wooden shutters with the pink stone mosaic wall makes for an eclectic setting here.

​Classy and Modern

The modern and rustic vibes meet here with a classy look in place. The pristine marble floor is an elegant base. Here, the designers have played with rustic yet linear furniture and an open setting as well as the trademark pink stone set in exposed cement walls.

Open Vistas

The expansive folding doors make for a stunning statement in this simple space.

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