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12 Kitchen shelf designs that you can use in your modern house

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Designing the perfect kitchen which is not only fully functional but also looks beautiful is a necessity. Most of us search for images of different rooms while we are seeking to build one for ourselves. But constructing a kitchen can be a difficult thing to do because one might get confused as to where they should start. 

So to help you with designing the perfect storage for your kitchen here are 12 shelf designs that you can incorporate into your modern homes.

1. Open shelves

If you have a large kitchen then incorporating wide open shelves like these can be a very good idea. You can create an entire wall of shelves which will not only maximize your storage space but will also add to the aesthetics of the place.

2. Hanging shelves

Another great way to add modern looking shelves to your kitchen is by opting for this hanging design. These shelves can be secured to the ceiling by using metal pipes which will help provide sturdiness to the unit.

3. Wooden panel shelves

If you want to create a simple yet functional storage for your kitchen then using long wooden panels as shelves can be an excellent choice. You can install multiple panels on different levels to add storage space.

4. Wall mounted shelves

One of the most efficient ways to save floor space yet have additional storage is by installing wall-mounted shelves. These shelves can be placed above your sink so that you can store utensils in a more convenient location.

5. Iron shelves

If you are looking for a rack design which is also durable than opting for iron as the building material is a must. Not only are iron shelves long-lasting but they also are easy to maintain as they are water resistant.

6. Plywood shelves

For those of you looking to store utility items in the kitchen incorporating these sleek plywood, shelves can also be an excellent choice. The depth of the shelves can depend on the size of articles you want to place above.

7. Stone slab shelves

Another durable material that you can use to create your kitchen shelves is stone. The best part about using stone slabs is that they are available in different colours which can be bought depending on your taste.

8. Enclosed shelves

If you do not like open shelves then creating similar looking enclosed ones can also be a great alternative. The shelves are best for storing small kitchen gadgets like ovens, microwaves, and even coffee machines.

9. Customized wood shelves

It is not necessary that you opt for a traditional looking shelf design rather you can customise your wooden shelves by using different layouts. The designer of this kitchen has used inverted pelmets as wall mounted shelves to create a unique looking storage space.

10. Counter-top shelves

One of the best locations to install your kitchen shelves is on top of your counters. Installing multiple rows of open shelves can not only increase storage but can also make it easy for you to reach for things when required.

11. Polished wood shelves

If you're looking to create a grand kitchen interior then using polished wood to build your storage shelves is a must. Along with this, these dark colour polished shelves can also compliment any counter and appliance colour.

12. Wine barrel shelves

Edenbridge Johnny Grey Eclectic style kitchen
Johnny Grey


Johnny Grey

Another unique way to create customised shelves for your kitchen storage is by adding different readily available materials. As seen in this picture, the designer has used old wine barrels to create unique looking shelving space.

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