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Make the most of your flat roof

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Knightsbridge Roof Terrace Aralia Commercial Spaces Stone Black
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Pitched roofs have been in vogue for quite some time now. Tiled roofs have an elegant look in itself and without saying; it definitely adds character to the house. Slanted roofed houses also look grand and such buildings do not need further decoration from the outside. They have other advantages such as rain water does not clog in the roof and run down in the gutter straight away.  But recent research have shown that flat roofs can be equally advantageous if they are built correctly. One of the biggest advantages of having a flat surface is that it can be reconstructed by adding another storey changing it to a second living area without having to invest in a lump sum. Even though a slanted roof is more aesthetic, a flat roof is more beneficial. Here are 6 creative and modern flat roof ideas for your house or office.

Roof Garden

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Residential green roofs

Organic Roofs

Roof gardens are one of the best ways to protect as well as enhance your flat roof. Roof gardens are quite popular nowadays. People who are fond of gardening but lack a good backyard may consider a roof top garden as a good idea to start with. All you have to do is build a sturdy roof constructed from sturdy raw materials. The remainder is all easy if you put your determination and good planning to execution.This kind of gardening is not as easy as ground gardening but it is neither a difficult endeavour. A little research and a thorough planning with your building contractor will make things much more eaier; you will be surprised to see the outcome. A lot of area can be saved. Furthermore, this also acts as a natural insulator to your home. If you might worry about water leakage, then you can opt for materials with EPDM membranes to protect the roof from sun and rain.

Swimming Pool – Spa

If not gardens then what else can give you the ultimate look of suave to your house than a roof top swimming pool? Spas and Swimming pools are becoming favourite roof top ideas currently. In metro cities where every sq.ft counts, having an in-built bath or spa can be very expensive affair. Hence, to avoid such huge investments and make best of the lack of space, such roof top pools and baths can be a glamorous and an aesthetic idea. Multi-storied apartments can also opt for terrace based pools thus saving space for car parking and for other important usage.

You can also construct pools with different styles and combinations like a sauna and gym, spa,bubble bath, garden and pool together etc. And if you are a owner of a luxurious home with a huge roof, then nothing can be perfect than a mini beach swimming pool. When such is the case, a house pool will definitely be a treat to a long hard day after work.

Solar Panels

One of the most convenient and effective ways to use your home roof is by planting solar panels. This specific flat roof idea is beneficial in several ways. You can conserve energy, contribute towards a greener and healthier way of living, save ample amount of money and finally make most use of your home roof.  People who are more conscious about their environment and are planning to invest money for better cause, without spending it on gardening and roof top swimming pools etc, solar panels can be mounted. Solar panels can be installed on any roof size and unlike other aesthetic decorative ideas, they can be easily managed and shifted at any other location without having to go through heavy relocation expenses. Solar panel have the maximum returns on investment.  Hence, it is one of the best choices.

Terrace Furniture

Knightsbridge Roof Terrace - Aralia Garden Design Aralia Commercial Spaces Stone Black

Knightsbridge Roof Terrace—Aralia Garden Design


Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing than sipping a cup of exotic tea under the open skies, relaxed, legs plopped casually on tea table after a long hard day at work. And the feeling is even more beautiful when this is experienced in your own dwelling, at the roof top of your own home. So why not convert your flat roof into an exotic open lounge? Open living area these days is going crazily viral. People must be extensively tired of the four walls of their work place and therefore, open terrace furnishing is accepted whole heartedly. The best part is you can create and style the surface quite superbly and innovatively. For example, an open dry kitchen or barbeque is in vogue at present. You can also construct a small patio deck with a view in the front. Or just a plain simple lounge to relax and gaze at the endless galaxy.

A New Room

When your family is expanding and you have no idea where to fit in the extra people, then a new room or two, a floor above is definitely the most practical idea. And this idea can only be implemented if the roof above is flat surfaced. Hence, your flat roof can be changed into new dwelling for more people making your home more spacious and comfortable to live in. All you have to do see is that your base is very sturdy and strong so as to withstand one more storey. You can convert your terrace into one more level and enjoy the new found comfort.


Skylights are also quite in demand these days.  It gives a modern touch to your home. A skylight is a like window; the only difference being it is built into the ceiling. Now sitting on your comfortable bed or sofa, you can watch the rains above or the snow falling or look at the birds flying above you. You can choose your preferred skylight and it can be installed by most of the roofing companies. Skylights not only add beauty to your room but also provide a natural source of light, thereby saving a lot of energy.

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