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Make your kid's room colourful this christmas

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Christmas is the time of celebrations. It is about spending happy times with family and friends. At this time of the year, guests are entertained and parties are thrown in spirit of the festivities. Many people spend days to make their home, Christmas ready. It includes, replacing old items, bringing new decorations, crafting sparkling Christmas decor, painting and cleaning the house. During this time, kids’ room decoration also becomes essential. Cleaning their rooms and preparing them for the festival can be challenging. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when going for kids’ room decoration. From painting the walls to replacing furniture, from changing wall decor to attractive lighting, here are some of the ideas to make the room more colourful for the holiday season.

Change the bed sheets

For kids’ room Christmas decoration, it is not always essential to add glittering crafts to the room.  Something as simple as bed sheets can be used to prepare the room for celebration. Colourful bed sheets can bring the much desired feel to the room. Christmas themed bed sheets in red green and white can be bought from the stores. There are a number of options available here from loud to subtle. Bright and bold pillow covers will go well with subdued beddings. Also, fresh and crisp cotton and linen sheets can work wonder in changing the look of the room. Instead of going for intricate and complex patterns, it is better to go for big and bold prints to match the overall decor. White linen sheets fresh from laundry can also give a clean and sparkling look to the room.

Change the wall colour

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Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

Christmas is a good time of the year to give new look to the walls of kid’s room. Just giving a fresh coat of colour to the walls can change the entire feel of the room. Instead of going for a single colour, using a dynamic palette will give more depth to it. Painting with Christmas themed tones will make the kid’s room ready for the festivities. However, it is pertinent to make sure that the relaxing and comforting feeling of the room is not compromised. Brighter colours are advisable for kid’s room, but some colours can entice restlessness in the kids. Deeper hues of crimson and green can be used on one of the walls, while keeping other walls neutral. The other shades to bring the Christmas festivities in the room are deep blue and golden.

Install Christmas paintings

Wall arts and paintings add to the visual interest of a room. Walls adorned with beautiful artworks make the kids’ room Christmas ready. However, they don’t have to be the expensive oil on canvas. Encouraging children to draw their own art work or create decorative crafts to hang on the wall will not only look more meaningful in the room, it will also motivate the children to be more creative. Printable art works can be downloaded from internet and children’s can be asked to fill them with beautiful colours. Creating a mini gallery look with the creations of kid is fun and trendy. Handmade artworks can also enhance the overall look of the room.

Change the biggest interior

The playful nature of children demands frequent changes in their surroundings. Changes in their room interior can keep them engaged and attentive. However, it is not possible to keep changing the interior every few months. Christmas is the time, when people think of making bigger changes to their home. The same goes with the kids’ room Christmas decoration as well. To make their room holiday ready, the biggest interior of the room can be changed. Mostly, the biggest interior of a kids’ room is bed or bunk. If the bed has become old, new one can be bought from the stores, to give a brand new look to the room. If there is no need to buy a new bed, the placement of the bed can also be changed to give a fresher look and to free up the energy in the room.

Change the carpet

Buying a new carpet around Christmas is always a good idea. Shopping for carpets at this time can save a lot of money due to festival discounts. It is also a good time to replace the old carpets with the new ones. Overtime, the carpets gather dust and dirt and hence breed harmful dust mites, which can cause health problems in kids. Besides the health factor, carpets can be a great decorative element for kids’ room. There are a number of design possibilities with carpets. Vivid coloured patterns, big polka dots, colourful stripes, beautiful designs and printed cartoon characters are some of the design ideas. The carpet also provides a soft cushioning comfort to kids. Therefore, choosing the right material is also very important when replacing the carpet.

Change the lighting

The taste and preferences of kids change as they continue to grow up. Decorative pieces of light, that are also functional and flexible is the key when lighting kids’ room. During Christmas time, lighting can be changed to match the festivity mood. While pendant and track lights are apt for daily illumination, colourful strip and tape lights can be used to highlight the strategic places in the room. During the holiday season, sparkling lights can enhance the festive feeling. However, there are a few things that need to be considered while trying to illuminate the children’s room for holidays. The lighting should not be distracting, when the child is trying to concentrate on studies or sleep. With teenagers, garish display of sparkling lights will not work. Layered lights integrated with the decor and ambient lighting is the key to a teenager’s room.

Christmas is a time to give a makeover to the whole house, including the children’s room. Adding more colours to their room will instill a new festive spirit. Keeping them engaged in their room decoration will bring out their creative flares. Brighten their room with these kids’ room decoration ideas.

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