20 pictures of doors and windows for Indian homes

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A Duplex Apartment, Raipur, ES Designs ES Designs Modern windows & doors
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Windows and doors make for one of the main accessories for any house. You can find numerous designs online, but if you are trying to create a modern look, then finding the right design can prove to be a bit difficult sometimes. To help you with this situation here is a list of 20 amazing designs of modern doors and windows that you can incorporate into your house. Before zeroing in on a home window design, just make sure to consider the colour, texture and thickness of the wall in question.

1. Solid wood door

If you are looking for a sturdy door that is also long-lasting than considering a single piece solid wooden door like this is a must. You can also paint the door in a dark colour to make it stand out.

2. Picture windows

For those of you who are looking to add a lot of natural light into your home, using picture windows like these is also advised. These windows let you admire the scenery outside as well and make the room appear more spacious than it actually is.

3. Wood and glass doors

To give a regal yet modern touch to your home, creating a window door in wood and glass can be a perfect solution. Despite the pretty solid framework, this door allows sunlight to flood the dining area and lets you admire nature at the same time.

4. Floor to ceiling glass doors

If you have a terrace garden or an open deck then incorporating a similar-looking floor-to-ceiling glass door can be a great way to beautify the space.

5. Shifting doors

Out of all the sleek door designs creating a shifting door like this can be one of the best alternatives for saving space and for easy manoeuvering.

6. Glass and metal windows

To provide durability to your windows, adding metal frames on all sides is an excellent idea, as per the window experts at The Wood Window Alliance. You can also incorporate coloured glass to make the windows look customised and your interiors unique.

7. Floor to ceiling windows

If you do not want a door in your room but are still looking for incorporating the maximum amount of natural light, then this floor to ceiling window glass design is worth a shot.

8. Side by side doors

These glass and wood side by side doors are perfect as they provide security and also allow you to see outside without any disturbance.

9. Iron frame doors

Another great way to provide structural support to your glass doors is by adding iron frames. These frames can also give your door a grand look.

10. Wooden frame windows

One of the most easily available materials to use for windows are these wooden frames. The best part about these frames is that they can stand harsh climatic changes as well.

11. Shift-able doors

If you are looking to save space, then incorporating a shiftable door is a great idea. These doors are made using slim panels so that they can be folded when required.

12. Wall of windows

One of the best ways to create an artistic looking set of windows is by converting an entire wall into an elongated window. You can achieve this look by putting together vertical panels of glass surrounded by a wooden frame.

13. Bright colour doors

A Duplex Apartment, Raipur, ES Designs ES Designs Modern windows & doors
ES Designs

A Duplex Apartment, Raipur

ES Designs

Another great way to make your house look modern is by painting your main door with bright colours. You can also choose similar embossed designs so that it can be highlighted by using different colours.

14. Tinted glass doors

The main door homify Modern windows & doors

The main door


If you are looking for privacy but to do not want to compromise with the light source, then using tinted glass door is an ideal choice. This glass makes it difficult for people to see through it but still allow proper light to pass.

15. Designer iron doors

Gujarat Guardian limited, IMAGE N SHAPE IMAGE N SHAPE Modern windows & doors Building,Fixture,Door,Wood,House,Interior design,Shade,Hall,Home door,Automotive exterior

Gujarat Guardian limited


If you're looking for a door that adds an additional layer of security to your home then opting for a designer iron is a must. It is one of the strongest materials that can be used for creating your main door.

16. Wood and fiberglass door

For those of you who love customising designs opting for a similar looking wooden fiberglass door can be a great alternative. You can incorporate different designs instead of these wooden leaves to suit your liking.

17. Three-fourth panel door

If you're looking for a white door but do not want a dual panel then these three-fourth doors are also worth considering. The smaller panel is usually used for installing locks so that it provides stability to the locking system.

18. Wooden door and glass panels

Another modern door design that can make your house look amazing is this dual glass panel layout. By placing vertical tinted glass panels on either side of your wooden door, you will be able to achieve a unique look.

19. White frame windows

If you are striking to achieve a clean and modern look for your windows then considering painting your frames white is worth a try. These frames will also complement any decor with which you combine them.

20. Natural finish windows

For a rustic looking window design incorporating natural finish wood as your frame can be a great choice. It is the best way to make the space look natural without much effort. 

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Some more inspiration

This wood and white door is all about geometrically inspired lines and glossy finishing. The triangular glass panes add a dash of quirk to it, while the embedded white lights allow the nameplate to shine.

Kannan - Sonali and Gaurav's residence, Sandarbh Design Studio Sandarbh Design Studio Eclectic style bathroom
Sandarbh Design Studio

Kannan—Sonali and Gaurav's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

While considering window designs for home, it is important to focus on the bathrooms too. Check out how a modern bay window with a latticed framework and frosted glass make this bathroom bright and elegant. It has been designed to accommodate a sleek bed for indoor greens as well. Now that you have a fair idea about trendy doors and windows, take a look at staircase designs for compact homes.

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