How to make your kitchen a convenient place?

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A kitchen is a place where one spends a considerable amount of time, not just cooking food, but spending time together as a couple or family. So a kitchen should be planned in a way that gives its users maximum convenience, space and ease to work. Thus before buying furniture and appliances there are some important things that everyone should consider. Here are some tips as to how to plan a place for furniture and appliances for kitchen.

Where to place the sink?

This decision is limited by the plumbing options in the kitchen. But one can still decide whether one wants the sink inbuilt into the counter top like here, next to the counter top or have it separately on a different wall. Also take into account how many sinks do you want. Most people want a single sink, but some people prefer separate sinks for washing dishes and cleaning hands in the kitchen.

How much space is available?

The first and most important thing to take into account is how much space is available. Is it a spacious big kitchen like this one that has room for lots of cabinets and appliances or a narrow long kitchen better suited for a modular style or a square kitchen that can incorporate a breakfast table? The number and kind of furniture and appliances that one wants to keep in the kitchen is directly related to the space at hand.

Where to put storage cabinets?

Another important question to look into is where to place storage cabinets? You can opt for an entire wall converted into cabinets like the one here designed by DAVONPORT. Or you can opt for regular cabinets above and below the kitchen counter top on one side. You can even create storage cabinets below the kitchen island if you have one.

Kitchen island or not?

Which brings us to the next element—the kitchen island. The decision to have it or not has to be made based on two main things—space and what one wants from the kitchen. Those who have the room and want more space to prepare food or want to create more storage options or want a modern breakfast table space should opt for a kitchen island. Those who want more to space to walk around in the kitchen or have a very narrow kitchen should steer away form it.

Where to put the gas stove?

Another important thing to decide is where to put the gas stove. Whether it is next to a wall or on a open counter top like here, always take into account whether there is a line for pipeline gas or a place to keep an LPG cylinder below the counter top where the gas stove is placed. Also consider whether a chimney will fit above where the gas stove is placed and one's own preference of cooking facing a wall or facing a window or room.

Where to place the fridge?

The final call to take is where to place the fridge. It can be placed in a corner next to the stove like here if the kitchen is small or inbuilt into the cabinets if there is space and one likes a more compact minimal style. The fridge can even be camouflaged in the same material as the cabinets like in this blue kitchen. Here are 5 classic vintage kitchens for those who like things with an old world charm.

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