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How to create your own interior style

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Style is an individuals personal statement about themselves. Be it what one puts on or what one brings into their home, our style is a reflection of the things we like, the things that attract us and the things that we are most comfortable with. So just like dressing up while doing up one's home it is very important to develop your own interior style. Don't go with whats in vogue but what makes you feel reflected in your home. Here are a few tips to develop your own distinct interior style.

Use treasured furniture and accessories

Be it a chest of drawers or an ornate mirror, a Victorian armchair or a 50's style rocking chair, everybody has a piece of furniture or an accessory at home that has been passed down the generations and which one dearly treasures. Never discard such a thing, not just because they are heirlooms, but because they reflect something deeply personal about your family and history and there can not be a more personal touch to your interior style than this.

Choose colours that fit you

Don't go with the flow. Stick to colours that make you feel good and that reflect your personality. A blue wall like this one designed by PREGO SEM ESTOPA BY ANA CORDEIRO is soothing and ideal for people who want calmness, while red is best suited for the quirky adventurous one's. Yellow is perfect for laid back happy go lucky people, while purple is suited for those with plenty of oomph and style. So pick colours that reflect your personality and do up your home with those colours.

Play with shapes and patterns

Don't just stick to solid colours, play with shapes, prints and patterns in your home. Choose prints and patterns that you can mix and match. Be it geometrical patterns like the one's on the cushions here, or floral patterns like the one's on the curtains, different kinds of prints can create different effects in a home. Bolder bigger patterns are better suited to people who are open to experimenting, while smaller understated prints are good for those who have a subtle style.

Use different materials

Mix and match materials too. Don't just stick to boring old wood, use different kinds of materials in your home. Be it a classic cotton fabric covered couch or a modern leather recliner, a minimalist glass table or an exotic woolen carpet, mixing and matching materials will also help to blend in different kinds of styles in your home.

Be original

Don't be afraid to try somehting completely new in your home. Develop your own original style by doing something completely different. Be it a street style bedroom like this one or a quirky armchair like this car-chair, bring in some completely original and out of the blue elements in your home to develop your own unique style.

Be yourself

Finally, never imitate. Always be yourself. If you try to fake it, it will come through and your interior decor style won't fit in with you. Unlike a dress that you don't like which you can give away, your home is something you can't change overnight. Thus always design and decorate your home in keeping with your personality, with a few experiments here and there. Be it rustic like this kitchen or classic like this stairway, let yourself shine through. If you are looking for a new dining table, here are some tips to pick out a new dining table for your home.

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