6 Ideas for a parquet floor

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A parquet derived from the Old French 'parchet' is a wooden floor made of geometric pieces, or long strips of wood or faux wood. Parquet flooring was made famous by Louis XIV of France who replaced all his marble floors with parquet in Versailles in the early 17th century. After hundreds of years it is still something that makes a home look fashionable. Today parquet flooring is not just limited to hardwood floors like the olden days and parquetry has acquired a whole new dimension. Here are 6 ideas for a parquet floor for your home.

Hardwood parquet flooring

Traditional hardwood parquet floors are the original parquet flooring made of different kinds of wood like oak, walnut, cherry, pine, maple, mahogany and even bamboo. Strips or blocks of these wood are patched together with cold adhesive. A hardwood parquet floor like the one here designed by JP ARCHITECTS is classic and will bring in an old world beauty to any home.

Industrial Parquet flooring

An inexpensive, sturdy and versatile alternative to traditional hardwood flooring is industrial parquet flooring. Industrial parquet is made from wooden mosaic pieces which are laid together in pre-manufactured units using synthetic resin glue directly onto the prepared floor. Lighter shades of industrial parquet flooring like oak, birch and beech are suited for smaller homes. While a darker shade of industrial parquet flooring like walnut or auburn maple will look better in bigger homes.

Laminate parquet flooring

Laminate parquet flooring is essentially faux wood parquet flooring. Laminate is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring can be given a wooden finish to make it look more like real wood parquet flooring. Laminate flooring is more difficult to maintain as it gets easily spoilt by dust and dirt but it is one of the cheapest options.

Multilayered parquet flooring

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Multi-layer wood parquet flooring is made of two or three layers of wood that are laid at right angles. The top layer is real hardwood, while the layers below are made of wood-based products like high-density fibre-board and pine. Multilayered parquet flooring is more expensive than laminate or industrial parquet flooring, but it is still cheaper than hardwood flooring. It is easy on the pocket, yet has the classy feel of real parquetry because of the thin top layer of real wood.

Wooden finish ceramic tiles

Another cheap and easy to maintain option for parquet flooring is wooden finish ceramic tiles. Since the tiles are made of ceramic they will withstand humidity and heat, while the wooden finish on top will give them a traditional parquet flooring appeal. Those living in coastal areas or those who want a hassle free parquet flooring should opt for such tiles.

Modern parquet flooring

Modern parquet flooring doesn't just stick to horizontal or vertical small strips of wood, but delves into all shapes and designs that can be created by using such pieces of wood. Not just the wooded flooring but the patterns of the wooden parquet flooring like the one here designed by ARCHITEKTURBÜRO LEHNEN can change the look and feel of any room. Here are 6 innovative ways to dress your windows.

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