​This is how you prepare your apartment for rent

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Now that your current tenant is ready to move out, it is time for you to check and inspect each and every detail of the apartment to prepare it for the new tenants. While inspecting the apartment, be very careful about minute things like water damage, pest infestation, foul smell and all the wooden work like cabinets and shelves. After getting everything checked, you need to take care of the damaged ones and get the whole house cleaned and painted. You might also need to get a pest control done in the house to rule out any option of crawling pests as well.  Once you are done with this, your house is ready for new tenants. However, apart from these basic practices, there are still certain ideas that can be incorporated to reduce the vacancy time and get a new tenant in a jiffy. Read through this ideabook and get educated as to how you can allure new tenants quickly.


Accessories are highly important in home décor. They play a crucial role in giving the house a homely feel. When you are planning to rent out your apartment, you need to pay attention to accessories as well. These accessories can be anything from a scented candle to a door hanging. Try to place these accessories so strategically that they not only accentuate the look of the place, but also allure the visitors and prospective customers who come for a visit. You may as well go with bright and colourful accents like flower vases, sculptures and even intricate lighting to impress the prospective owners. Useful accessories like a key hanger and a magazine holder will further impress the new tenant as he could feel the ease of moving in straight with no prior preparation.

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Repair tiles, dents and scratches

When preparing your apartment for rent, the most important thing to take notice is the repair and replacement. In case your previous tenant just moved out recently, you need to be extremely cautious of any breakages or damage caused. This might be damage done to the walls or to the floor or even to the ceiling. This damage can also be to the exterior walls of the house. So before renting out the apartment to anybody, make sure you get every small defect repaired. In case you have a carpet flooring, try looking for any tarnished ends. Also in case of wooden furniture, make sure everything is perfectly intact. You also need to pay keen attention to the kitchen and bathroom flooring, as these are the most badly affected areas. Get everything repaired to present a stunning apartment in front of new tenants. Sheevia interior concepts are professional interior architects from France who can also be contacted for any kind of design and refurbishment work.

Furniture: neutral colours

Furniture is highly important to lend an empty house a true homely feel.  Try to include mute and neutral coloured furniture as it induces a sense of space in the area. These colours also add brightness and soothing feel to the whole area. You may also like to accentuate or highlight the furniture with the help of bright and colourful cushions and thongs. The neutral furniture is also useful to the new tenant as it can be easily blended with any style of home décor. It goes perfectly with country style or rustic décor and also with modern and eclectic. In case the new tenant wants to highlight or enhance it, he can easily include a perky chaise lounge or armchairs for added brightness. You can get the furniture dry cleaned from the local shop to make it suitable for the new tenant.


No buyer will buy a dirty and untidy apartment. When someone steps foot inside a new apartment, it should be clean, neat and highly organised. There should not be any sign of broken tiles or scratches walls. Each and every appliance like the fridge, dishwasher and even the fans should be in proper working condition. Also, no one would like to buy an apartment that is heavily infested with ants or rodent infestation. So, before showing your apartment to anyone, make sure you have given keen attention to infestation and cleaning. Each and every corner should be spic and span with no hidden troubles like bedbugs or roaches. Places like kitchen and bathroom should be given extra attention. You should clean the sinks, bathtubs and even the sanitary ware. You should also clean the garage area as it is usually kept untidy with no attention towards the organisation.

Replace or fix broken devices

Before renting out your apartment, you need to fix all the broken devices or appliances. This might otherwise give a very bad impression to the new tenants. All the devices ranging from kitchen appliances to the thermostats to even the geysers need to be checked and verified before handing over to the new tenants. In case of any breakage or leakage, get the appliances repaired in front of you. If you will leave this to the tenants, they might opt for a cheap or low class replacement, which might eventually spoil the appliance in the long run. Fridge, microwave and alarm systems are the easily affected devices as they are used on a continuous basis. So, before handing over the apartment to new people, make sure all these appliances are running perfectly.

Non personalise

Before renting out the apartment, try to remove all personalised items. This includes curtains, pictures, frames and even colourful storage shelves that you have incorporated in the rooms and closet. You should also remove all the other personalised wall décor items like vinyl stickers; wall shelves and even wall stickers or tattoos. When a new person visits the place, he would like to look at clean walls and clear windows. No one would like to see how the previous tenant lived. You may also want to remove any pet houses or pet furniture as this might make the other person think twice. Some hinges and joints might need to be tightened up for better operation.

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