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7 Simple Vastu Shastra colour tips for your bedroom

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One of the best ways to stay peaceful in the bedroom is to style it according to vastu shastra. This is the oldest method that is being used by people to bring harmony as well as prosperity in their lives. It is believed that if one follows the correct ‘vastu shastra’ while decorating his or her house, it lets the residents stay peacefully throughout the life. It is the Chinese concept of placement that relates to ‘wind and water’. Literally, it is a decoration principle that is based on the belief that our vicinity affects us. A feng shui bedroom helps to arrange the space to build connection with your partner as is said by Jayme Barrett (feng shui consultant, Los Angeles). So, here are some vastu colors for bedrooms that can help turn an uninspiring bedroom into a sensual one.

Red accents

When we think of the colour Red, love and romance are the first thoughts that come to our mind. Also, it is the colour of the fire element, excitement, passion, and warmth. Every room of the house needs warmth and especially the bedroom. This simply means that it needs a little bit of red colour to ignite that fire of passion and warmth both together.


Green colour is known to bring prosperity. On the other hand, deep green is one of those bedroom colors that make the walls talk. It is recommended by medical practitioners that green is good for eyes. It provides a soothing effect to the eyes and helps keep the eyesight correct. If one follows the bedroom feng shui rules correctly with the help of a professional painter, you will definitely see the positive impact right .

Purple magic

Purples and mauves are a symbol of courage and chivalry. Painting the walls with violet as per the feng shui bedroom exhibits a feeling of royalty and wealth. It also depicts how spiritual a person is. As for the basic meaning of purple in feng shui is richness and deepness. Hence, if someone loves to be royal as well as noble this purple colour combination for bedroom walls and decor will surely work for them.

Heavenly blue

Blue colour is considered to be a cooling shade that lightens up the mood. Having blue colour all around keeps a person happy and elated all the time. Go for the blue and make the bedroom a heavenly place to live. It evokes deep serenity and calmness and is believed to be a good colour to use in the bedroom.

The gray scale in the bedroom

A recommended colour combination for bedroom according to vastu,  gorgeous grey and white is one of the best. This colour is focused and a polished metal element that is subtle and cool. It helps gain precision, protection, and sensibility in the sphere of life. Besides, it comes in various tones and a million shades of gray are easily available so that one can easily choose the most suitable shade for his or her bedroom walls.

​ Light brown palette

For the ones who love deep light shades, light brown palette is the perfect one for their rooms. Also, brown is the color of the earth, which means it represents quietness. In short, it is nurturing and rooting.

Pastel shades

It is said that each colour has its own vibe. Similarly, when one thinks of following the bedroom feng shui rules, pastel shades strike his or her mind for sure. Pastel shades are light and calming. They are neither too dull nor too bright. Therefore, a person who wants a medium tone of any particular colour for the bedroom, the pastel shade of that colour can be the best alternative he or she can choose.

Burnt orange

Orange signifies ambition and vitality and is an ideal bedroom color for young couples where both are aspiring for greater heights. Experts believe that the master bedroom's southern wall should be colored orange and toned down with lighter shades on other walls or light colored bed linen in pastel shades or just white. 

Now that you know the best shades for your bed do not forget to explore vaastu tips for right place for your bed.

Which of these bedroom color combinations did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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