How to beautify your home: a simple guide

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When you are done building or designing your home, next comes decoration. A home can be decorated according to the chosen decorating style. This can either be modern or country style or even eclectic. The choice of style depends on your taste and space availability. The decorative items and collectibles are then decided as per the colour combination and suitable design. Paintings, lights, sculptures and flower vases are some general decorative items that go with every kind of home décor. However, their placement and positioning is of high importance as it can make a whole lot of difference.  This idea book focuses on few such ideas that can be used to add life and energy to your otherwise dull house. The size and amount of such items can be adjusted as per the space available. Have a look and get inspired!


Paintings are an age-old method to decorate and light up the otherwise dead walls. Painting is generally a broad term that combines photos, pictures and portraits as well. These have always been the best friends of walls and equally responsible counterparts of the room décor. You can choose paintings according to your liking and taste. For a more personalised touch try incorporating the portraits of your family members. You can even go for black and white pictures or age-old pictures that will rekindle some old memories. Paintings can also be used to add a brightening contrast in the room. So if you have a room designed as per mute interiors, try installing a bright and a perky painting for an overall vivid effect.

Choose a good place for the installation

Before decorating the house, look for the correct place for the installation. The decorative item should be placed so strategically that they are visible from all sides. The position and placement should depend on existing layout of the room. Make sure the placement of decorative items does not hinder or come in the way of the existing layout. If you want to brighten a dull room, try going for come colourful and bright accents. Shelves, tables and cabinets are good places to display decorative items and figurines. Other accessories like chandeliers, indoor plants and flower vases should also be chosen according to the home décor and layout. For gardens and exterior locations, install decorative items at places that are clutter free and provide a good view from each angle.


Sustainable Handmade Sylvn Studio Rondeur Red Table Lamp Sylvn Studio Living roomLighting Red
Sylvn Studio

Sustainable Handmade Sylvn Studio Rondeur Red Table Lamp

Sylvn Studio

Lights are needed to add life to a place or an area. Never is the home décor complete without proper lights. So in case you want to enhance the effect of an existing décor, go for proper lighting. Effective lighting can brighten up plain and dull walls too.  In case you have incorporated modern techniques like false ceiling, it is better to highlight it using lighting methods such as backlit display and concealed lighting. Using a combination of coloured LED lamps can instantly brighten the room. These lights are extremely popular in the living room and bedroom. You might also like to install highlighting lamps or spotlights that focus on one section of the room or on one object like a mirror or a delicate figurine.


Decorative Polyresin Swan Family Sculptures M4design ArtworkSculptures

Decorative Polyresin Swan Family Sculptures


A typical India house can never do without a sculpture. These sculptures can either be of local worshipped deities or even general figurines. These sculptures are a great way to give the house a personalised aura. They can easily blend in any kind of room décor and look superbly stylish and royal. Sculptures can easily be placed in Puja rooms and garden areas as well. While in puja rooms a sculpture is usually of a local deity, in garden you can even go with a deity or a general figurine. Try clubbing sculpture with a fountain for a classier effect. You may even paint the sculptures in a colour of your choice to make it a harmonious part of your room décor.

How to decorate room corners

Room corners are usually left out when it comes to decorating the interiors. However, they play an important role in creating a unified effect in the room. If left out they look out of place and make the place loose its charm and grace. Honestly, the corners are left out because they are too tough to embellish. But with modern technicalities and innovative products, you can even decorate these corners. Flower vases are the versatile styling tip. Along with these you can also use wall hangings, indoor plants and even colourful accents like a single armchair, a sassy table lamp etc. You can even convert this corner into a workable and functional study space.

Area rug

Rugs and carpets are a great way to give your house a nice and trendy feel. They are available in a variety of patterns and for a variety of purposes. While some rugs are placed only to differentiate one area from the other, other rugs are added to give a contrasting touch to the otherwise dull area. A section rug or area rug is needed when you have a combined living and dining room. A rug under the dining table can help informally separate the area from the living room.  Similarly, a rug under the coffee table or besides the bed looks visually appealing and highly classy. Modern art, classic and country style are few popular designs of rugs that can be used along with an appropriate style of décor. Designed by Estudio Tanguma, Interior designers and decorators from Mexico, this living room has been done in various shades of red. 

Arrange the shelves

wall unit homify Living roomShelves

wall unit


Shelves are a great way to decorate a plain and dull wall. These shelves need not be the regular square or rectangular shaped anymore. They can easily be created in asymmetrical shapes like oval, circular and even hexagonal to give your walls a new and contemporary touch.  These wall shelves can be painted in bright and perky colours to add a zing in your living room or even kid’s bedroom. Try going for a shelf that is visually appealing and highly functional at the same time. You may as well try to go for a combination of closed and exposed shelves that collectively make an ideal piece of furniture for a kid’s bedroom.

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