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When you are done building or designing your home, having a smart, relaxing and pleasing garden is something you should definitely think about provided you have space left for the same. A garden isn’t just a place to relax and spend some peaceful time. It is also a place where you might begin your day with a fresh cup of tea or where you might want to have a sit out session with friends. With so many uses of the front garden, designing the front garden sensibly is the key to enjoying all aspects of your garden going forward. homify takes care of all such requirements and possibilities and thus we bring to you some great and useful tips about designing an amazing front garden.

Style it according to the house

Sometimes the shape, style and design of the house speaks about the character and stance of the overall residence. For instance, the house shown in the photo speaks loud and clearly symbolises the phrase “inside is actually outside”. The larger than life French windows and the overall extensive use of glass in the house ensure that the occupants never stay away from the outside surroundings. For such houses, a lavish, stretched, lush green garden is just what the house would want to compliment itself with. A majestic and smart tree in the middle of the garden, is indeed a unique idea to implement. You might even have design elements focussed around the tree. A stone based boundary around the tree and some focus lighting to highlight the tree might take the overall theme of the garden to a whole new level.

Evergreens and colourful plants

Another way of having an out-of-the-box garden design is when you could manage to find time to change plants every season. This would mean to be able to plant seasonal flowering plants which would vary from season to season. Along with these seasonal flowering plants, you might choose to plant some evergreen plants as well. This is because the presence of lush green tinge further highlights the beautiful aura of different colors spread all around the garden.

Horizontal and Vertical

Sometimes space is not exactly a necessity but a luxury. Or maybe the design of the house does not call for the secluded spacious garden. What you might go for is an intelligently and smartly designed garden. Planting symmetrical plants while ensuring sensible pruning to allow the plants to grow vertically would definitely create a virtual space in the garden area. The focus lights corresponding to each plant makes walking in the garden a pleasure experience not just to the mind and soul, but to eyes as well. The velvet grass gives a green effect, while the simple walking tiles keep the shoes away from the grass. The combination of the long walking garden while having vertical space occupied by tall plants is nothing less than a sensible idea, which can be implemented and executed smartly.

Plants according to size and location

Plants are the main and critical components of any garden area. Now you just cannot afford to have a set of plants which you feel are good to look at and plant them in a garden. There needs to be a proper synchronization between the garden design and the plants, and also between the size of the garden and the kind of plants chosen. A compact garden might be a spacious place if you go for plants like climbers, or with tall palms along the boundary while there is a nice walking pathway laid in the middle. Ferns are always a great option for compact garden areas. Spacing between the plants is another consideration to be given as keeping less space between plants not only makes the garden look clumsy and cluttered, but also hampers the growth of the plants. The above shown is a beautiful garden area designed by Zen Ambient, landscape designers from Mexico. 

Plant combination

Sometimes, while planning the plants to be used for the garden area, you might have to choose the plants which are in visual sync with one another. For instance, a cactus would really hit the visual cords with the tender and lush green palm when they are kept side by side. So choosing which plants to be combined while planning their placement is an integral part of designing a beautiful garden.  You might want to go with plants all of which have same tone of green. Some of those might have planters and stands, while some of them might look smart in hanging baskets. Choosing such sensible combination of plants might just make an otherwise ordinary garden area something to cheer about and relish.

Set symmetric accents

Symmetry, in general, depicts the involvement of a thought process while designing a garden area. Similarly intelligently designed asymmetric patterns in the garden area certainly catch the deserving attention. Having hanging planters spaced out at equal distances from each other, while they support similar plants is one such great idea to support and implement symmetry. Using plants with similar height levels is another way to flaunt the clever use of symmetry when it comes to plants shapes and patterns. Pruning the plants in the same manner will eventually deliver excellent visual results and make the garden a wonderful place to be.

Opt for planters

In garden terminology, it is often believed to be true that when it is not about the health and quality of the plants, it is more about the choice and design of the planters chosen for those plants. A smart, stylish and carefully chosen planter might be exactly what is needed to take an otherwise normal and common plant to an unbelievably high level. You might choose planters made of different materials. But you might as well go that extra step forward and choose to keep a theme and have all the planters with similar shapes, but different sizes while keeping them all with the same tone of the color. This might induce an eye-catching effect of your lovely garden area.

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