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​Christmas kitchen décor ideas for Indian homes

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With Christmas round the corner, everyone is prepping up for the Christmas decorations. While living rooms can be decorated with a variety of items, the other rooms of the house too need to be decorated with same vigour and enthusiasm. So, here’s an ideabook that focuses on affordable and inexpensive ways of decorating the kitchen of your house in smart and shimmery ways. Every small corner of the kitchen including the cabinets, shelves and table can be decorated in unusual styles and trendy patterns. Read till the end to get inspired by simple DIY techniques too. From the wreaths to the candles to even the table linen, this ideabook will inspire you how to use simple and creative ideas for a spectacular décor. You can even incorporate rugs to further accentuate the festive look of the kitchen.

Kitchen table

Christmas Lifestyle M&S KitchenAccessories & textiles

Christmas Lifestyle


For the kitchens, that have a dining table installed within, it is very important to decorate the table as well. This can be done either by using a festive table linen or by using fancy and festive lights above the table for an extra bit of stardom. You may as well go for trendy table accessories like candles and festive napkins. Get your kids to do this job. They can decorate the whole area by using smart napkins that can either be in fabric or in the paper. In case of paper, these can be easily painted using watercolours whereas in case of fabric, you will have to use acrylic colours. Try going for use and throw utensils that not only save you the trouble of doing the dishes, but also display a beautiful festive pattern and colourful colours. You can even make paper accessories and pair them along with kitchen décor. For example, a coloured and painted cone is always a cheerful Christmas accessory.

Christmas stockings

Winter Lodge Christmas Stocking Kate Sproston Design HouseholdTextiles
Kate Sproston Design

Winter Lodge Christmas Stocking

Kate Sproston Design

No Christmas is ever complete without the stockings. Stockings are as important a representation of Christmas as a Christmas tree and a fruitcake. These stockings can either be store bought or can be done at home. In case you are planning to design them at home, you might love to experiment with different colours other than the usual red. The colour can be chosen according to the theme of the kitchen and the colour of the cabinets and the counter. You may even stuff, some home made candies inside these stockings to further generate some curiosity amongst the kids and younger ones. Try using the same colour combination as the other home décor. You may also employ creative and innovative ideas for decorating these stockings in unusual ways.

Kitchen cabinets

When decorating the kitchen as per the Christmas theme, kitchen cabinet is the biggest hurdle to cross. The cabinets need to be designed and decorated in very skilled and artistic ways. These can either be like the one shown in the picture or can be done in simple ways, which involves adorning them with colourful collectibles. In case you have exposed shelves like these, take out all your colourful crockery and line it up as shown above. This will enhance the bright and perky decor, which will further accentuate the look of the kitchen. You may also include colourful collectibles and figurines like dangling ornaments, candies and even small showpieces on the exposed shelves. In addition to that, you may also use lighting over the cabinets to highlight even plain and simple cabinets.

Festive lights & candles

Ivory floating candles and ball candles The London Candle Company HouseholdAccessories & decoration
The London Candle Company

Ivory floating candles and ball candles

The London Candle Company

Lights are used to mark the onset of every festival. Be it Christmas or Diwali, lights bring cheer and joy. During Christmas you can install left over lights from Diwali. You can decorate the whole cabinet area with colourful lighting that can decorate the house instantly. For a more typical effect, you may use candles that can lighten and brighten the kitchen and the house. You may as well use floating candles that look typical and highly conventional especially when it comes to Christmas themes. Try going for home made candle stands that can be designed easily using old and rugged metal pieces. The one in the picture shown above has been designed by The London Candle Company for a project—Floating Candles. If not metal, you can design innovative candle stands with wood as well. Candles can either be placed on kitchen tables or counters or even shelves for brightening the entire space.

Christmas wreaths

Wreaths look beautiful both inside and outside the house. They bring along such brightness and charm that sets the right festive mood. So, along with the entrance door, you can use them in kitchen and bedroom doors as well. Wreaths are considered holy and highly welcoming. They have a distinct aura and radiance associated with them that is truly needed for an inspirational start to the festive season. You might employ your kids to extend a helping hand in the design and decoration of the wreath. Different DIY ideas can be employed that will help you create the best wreath possible. As such, using the same store bought wreath each year can be highly boring, therefore try collecting the genius of all the minds to make the perfect wreath this Christmas. Try pairing wreaths so that a typical theme or pattern can be created on the kitchen door or window.

Kitchen worktops

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Set Of 5 Mid Century Poppy Glass Storage Bowls


The worktops are another important part of the kitchen. It is actually the most important, as it is the manufacturing location of the kitchen. Plain and dull worktops can actually spoil the look of the kitchen. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you decorate the worktops as well. Incorporating small figurines like candles, small decorative items or even danglers besides the walls or shelves can help create a uniform festive tone. You might as well incorporate storage bowls like the one shown in the picture. These colour-coordinated bowls look the best for the Christmas season. Also, using colourful utensils majorly in the colour red and white will surely accentuate the right Christmas spirit. You can easily employ shimmery materials that will help accentuate the look of the kitchen worktops. In addition to this, you can even place Santa hats on top of each appliance on the counter top to give a unique stance.

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So how did you like the idea of using stockings in the kitchen? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.
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