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The Trendiest Wall Ideas to Imitate

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Walls are the most prominent feature of any room. They also are the perfect background for loads of home decor ideas. Wall decoration can add to the glamour and aesthetic appeal of the house. Moreover, there are a number of creative things that can be done with these pristine spaces. Adding tones of colours to match the mood of the room, stripes to create visual interest, polka dots to add drama, illustrations and intrinsic patterns to give a luxurious appeal, and lighting and other details to give a personality to the walls can enhance the overall style and appeal of the house. A lot of things can be done with different wall types. Here are some of the ideas for different wall designs.

Wall Colour

The effect of choosing the right colour can be both subtle and considerable. Colour of the walls set the mood and ambiance of the room. Different wall types can be coloured in different tones. While bright and lively tones are suitable for the living room, choosing subdued palettes for bedroom gives a relaxed feeling to it. It is important to balance the colours of the wall with the furnishing of the room. Many times, it becomes a difficult decision to choose the right tones. The overwhelming choice of colours in the market is just one of the many problems. The best way to go about it is to pick a colour from the upholstery, rugs, painting or other accessories as the main accent. Keeping in mind the mood of the room will also help in decision making. Cool blues and greens are apt for bedrooms while bright, earthen tones will make a living room more inviting.


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Add a graphic element to the walls by painting stripes. Stripes are timeless painting technique to give the walls a stylish appeal. There are a number of things that can be done with stripes. Add length to a small room by painting vertical stripes. Accent can be created by choosing the different tones of same colours in bold stripes across the larger walls. Most people try to have stripes with only two colours. However, choosing two colours and adding thin white stripe between them can accentuate both colours. Creating a visual effect with stripes is very easy. Using a bold orange tone with the more subdued hues of gray can dramatize the look. Having stripes in the kid’s room is an interesting feature. However, it is important to make sure that the colours in the kid’s room are neither too subdued nor too bold. Matching hues of blue, grey and red can enhance the liveliness of the children’s room.

Artistic Design

For those with a creative streak, dots and stripes may not be enough. Adding beautiful artistic patterns can create a dramatic and visually attractive look to different wall designs. Again the possibilities here are endless. There are several ways to add artistic design to the wall. A number of wall arts are available in peel and stick form. Wallpapers with intrinsic designs can also be added to give an interesting look to lacklustre room. A family tree can be created with pasting pictures of the family members. In kids’ room, their favourite cartoon characters can be added. The person gets as creative as he or she wants when decorating the walls. A music lover can paint the walls with floating notes and musical instruments. Intrinsic design patterns, floral arts, wildlife, city life, and a number of other patterns can be created.


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Polka dots on walls are gaining popularity in modern homes. It gives a very stylish and modern look to the room. The best thing about the polka dots is the endless possibilities it provides in terms of size and colours. Pop of colours can be added in forms of polka dots in a neutral wall, or neutral shades of polka dots can be added to bright and bold walls. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing dots for the walls. Bigger and brighter dots can be added to a neutral wall. The colours can match the cushions, rugs, upholstery or the accessories of the room. If a large number of dots are added on a wall, it is better to keep the colour palette simpler, like, choosing a shade or two in lighter tones for the dots and bright red or pink shade for the wall.

Added Details

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Adding texture and details to the walls can add interest to the overall look of the home. The picture framing technique can be used to accentuate the artwork on the wall. Mounting wooden panels can give a stylish look to any traditional space. Decorative trims can give an instant boost and identity to any wall. Detailed decorative designs on these trims can make the changeover rather subtle. However, when adding details to the walls, it is important to insure that they give an integrated look. Anything that looks out of the place may be more of an eyesore. Different shapes and shadows can be applied to create visual interest in the room. Ceiling and wall lighting can also enhance the overall look. Adding lighting to accentuate different zones of the room can also create visual interest.

Different wall types of the house can be decorated in different ways. Trendy wall decoration ideas with colours, wallpapers and peel and stick designs can be used to create beautiful and unique look. Adding stripes, dots and intrinsic patterns to the walls can add to the visual interest in the house.

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