6 ideas to transform your living room

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“How do you see this tree? Is it really green? Use green, then, the most beautiful green on your palette. And that shadow, rather blue? Don’t be afraid to paint it as blue as possible.” Such was Paul Gauguin’s observations after an invigorating and extended stay in Tahiti’s vibrant countryside. His sentiments found perfect echo in many of his paintings and were immortalised through such masterpieces as Tahitian Pastorale, Tahitian Women and Road in Tahiti

To soak your living room in the colours and flavours of the tropics you will have to be as bold as Gauguin, that is, in your choices of shades. For a brief while consider your living room to be a blank canvas. In your mind’s eye, paint as colourful a picture as you can. Do not hold yourself back, not while painting your dream. Dress it up with a few chosen handcrafted objects, native to the tropics or bear a close resemblance to that. And you will have the bright tropical cheerful living room that you looking for. Is that all? Well, almost except for the following few minor details.

Soft furnishings

This home uses colourful cushions, screen and a few other decorative elements to jazz up its interiors in a tropical style. The fuchsia red screen and cushions have been toned down by the white sofa. The brick wall, painting and wood sculptures also evoke a sense of the tropics. The lamp shade wears a pinkish hue as does the candle on the centre table. With only a few artefacts and a skilful mix of colours and textures this house literally transformed its living room.


No tropical living room can possibly bear the absence of wooden furniture. You can combine these with cane, bamboo and wicker furniture in traditional or folk style too. Spreading mattresses, rugs or tatami on floor and surrounding it with a few colourful cushions can also be a good option. While choosing your furniture, do not ignore the centre table, side board, corner and console tables. 

Coordinate each in tone and style with the rest of the items in the room. Opt for modish tables, benches, couches and chairs but do not fall for contemporary furniture. The tropics boast of very intricately designed pieces that will be a great addition to your living room. Traditional jacaranda sofa, sandalwood couches, jangada lounge chair or Kashmiri walnut living room set will give your living the most lavish possible makeover.

Colour scheme

A tropical colour palette must be animated with colour, but in a harmonious way. Throwing colours randomly would create confusion and will not have the cheery effect that you are searching for. For example, if you have invested in a red couch keep your walls pale yellow or creamy white. Complement it with other furniture and decorative elements. On the other hand, if you have decided on having a wall steeped in bright red shade use lightweight furniture in somewhat subdued tone. Using plenty of objects in red, green, yellow or blue may give it a feel of children’s nursery instead of en elegant living room.

Large and open windows

The tropics boast of bright sunshine and you should not deprive your living room from the blessings of natural light. Large glass panelled windows covered with appropriate blinds or curtains will help you achieve that goal. Lower the shades when sunlight seems to be too glaring such as in summer months. This will also protect your privacy when needed. Whether you are living in a penthouse or close to nature you will have the advantage of having a panoramic of the surrounding. The large glass windows of Casa Mariposa planned by Arqflores Architect help the occupants a grandiose perspective of the turquoise water all day long.

Tropical plants

Plants and flowers have the capabilities of easily brightening up any space. Tropical indoor flowering plants and herbs are the easiest ways of adding colours in your living room. Flowering bromeliad, anthuriam, euphorbia, epiphyllum, bougainvillea, hibiscus and mandevilla will spice up the interiors of your room in no time. Ficus, philodendron, various indoor palm species, aralia etc have similar capacities as well. A few of these may not be suitable for those houses built in temperate climatic zones. Some may require special tending as well which you will have to take time out to learn for yourself. A bouquet of seasonal flowers gathered from garden will also fill your living room with a joyful vibe.

Wall art

Wall arts are an essential element in any living room and tropical homes are no different in this regard. You can opt for traditional handcrafted wall art, tapestry, batik or fine art paintings to decorate your living room. Choose an artwork that exudes a tropical aura, is cheerful in nature and lively in essence if not in colour. A wall art made of actual plants and flowers could be a welcome addition as well. This home also incorporates traditional pendant lighting shades to make its living room authentically tropical. The sofas upholstered in floral motif and a traditional area rug accentuate the charm of this living room almost effortlessly.  

Do not forgetting checking this house too see how effectively it uses colour to cheer up its interiors.

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