15 fantastic garden ideas for small homes

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A garden is just about every home owner’s dream and is also considered a symbol of social status. Yes, gardens look serene and beautiful, but they also are a big responsibility. And, we do not say so figuratively! Keeping your garden green, and beautiful all year long, means you need to invest time to water the plants, mow your lawn, and rid the weeds, and yes keep the garbage away from your blooming flowers.

But, if you are someone who does not have much time to devote to your garden, or are clueless on how to maintain it, worry not! Since there is a garden idea for everyone and for you too! Here is a list of 15 really simple yet beautiful garden ideas for the busy lot out there. They require very little maintenance and make a beautiful haven for you to relax without having to spend hours pruning the greens.

1. With natural materials

If you want to give your garden a great impression, and without paying its way too much attention, you should pick natural materials in shades of green and brown. This will give a surreal feel and represent the freshest and vivaciousness of the grass and trees without having to cover the whole place.

2. With planters

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Looking for an easy way out? Pick planters! They are a rather simple way to take care of your plants and make a perfect garden too. It is also easier to remove unwanted plants, shift the plants and maintain your garden better when you use planters. Build planters in concrete to achieve a more organised feel and look. You can also buy smaller planters to throw in some colour and liven up your garden. The market is flooded with attractive planters in different sizes, shapes and designs to give your garden a creative edge.

3. Desert Garden

If you are someone who tends to forget watering your plants, then choose plants that need zero maintenance. Wondering what we are talking about? Cactus thrives without much water and lend your garden a green look. You will never have to worry about them dying if you forget to water them every day. But, do make sure you give them some water every now and then.

4. Minimalist

This garden idea is easy to implement and has regal feel. The experts at homify suggest you throw in a tree in the center of minimalist patio, and use natural tones to transform your patio into a small lil garden that is easy to care for.

5. Pots that bring personality

These large circular planters are an excellent choice for large gardens. But, if you have a small patio, go in for pots lest your patio will look crowded and cramped. There is no dearth of planters that come in myriad shapes and sizes and blend into any corner of your garden. You can also combine pots and planters for a more classic look.

6. Combining space

While this garden may look complicated, it is one of the most manageable garden ideas. It is easy to maintain and its charm lies in permutations and combinations. Wood for elegance, white stones and pebbles for tranquillity and grass to add to the essence, make this a garden that will bring home compliments.

7. A garden with gardens

Now, why settle for one big garden, when you can have many small gardens in your very backyard. Confused? You can have a garden of veggies, an orchard to relax, and grass and cactus and more! Take your creativity to new levels and blend different kinds of plants to give your garden a creative touch.

8. Take it to the walls

Simple is beautiful. Plant trees as close to the wall as you can, and throw in some conceptual art on the wall behind. And, what do you get? A treat to the eyes that is easy to maintain. And, if you think you can invest some time in manicuring a lawn, you will have yourself a garden that is out of the world!

9. A single plant

This is by far the easiest of them all. Pick a single species of plant and add it as a small decorative detail in your home. You can integrate this in your hall, in your backyard, or simply place it on the façade for a splendid look.

10. With roads and stones

This is yet another minimalistic design. It does not have way too many plants and yet is a quiet and pleasant place to unwind and relax. Pay attention to the way you design this space and not the species you pick.

11. A layout you will enjoy

Wood adds a regal touch to any environment, and so will it to your garden. A perfect mixture of nature and elegance, this idea is easy to implement. If you have no time to care for grass, substitute it with wood and throw in a few plants. You will simply love this garden idea. Throw in a table and a few chairs and transform it into a cosy garden to spend your evenings.

12. Lighting as the main element

A simple way to combine materials is to build a central patio with hardwood flooring and leave the edges of grass and stones with a few plants here and there. You will have a perfect garden for your family gatherings in no time at all! Cherry on the cake? Easy to maintain!

13. Modular garden

Building your garden using containers may not be as easy as it seems. But, you can get the containers built and integrate them in your garden to achieve any design of your choice. And, the best part is yet to come, this garden needs barely any maintenance, and you will never have to pick up the broom to sweep trash, or a jug to water plants, or a sickle to remove weeds. Just beauty and more beauty!

14. A garden for all

This is a garden for the entire family. You can relax with a book and a mug of mocha, your kids can have great adventures and you can also throw lovely parties. The design is primarily stones and wood, so you will not spend time or money on extensive maintenance.

15. Sturdy design

Stone gardens are the latest trend, and are slowly replacing traditional grass covered designs. It barely requires any attention. However, you will have to invest a bit to set it up. Incorporate the right design and you will have a splendid garden that needs no maintenance whatsoever.

Looking for ideas to throw in flowers and liven up your garden and backyard, click here!

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