6 Stunning spiral staircase designs for your home

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Spiral Staircases are adorned with great sculptural and functional qualities which makes it a fashion statement in the world of interior design and architecture. Though the details of the first spiral staircase produced are still not known, but it is surely goes back in time enriching our royal heritage. The cylindrical shaped stylish staircase is not only a means of ascending and descending the floors but it also serves greatly to enhance the aesthetics of the home both from indoors and outdoors. It is a key architectural element which imparts style and elegance and at the same time utilises little floor space and is extremely easy on the pocket.

Spiral Staircases come in a wide variety and can be made of stone, metal, wood and even mixture of multiple materials. Innumerable designs, wide choice in colours and the railings can be customised and fit in the tinniest of spaces. The following are some basic characteristics of different types of spiral staircase so that one can choose according to their preference and existing home décor.

The spiral staircase as a sculpture

In a living and dining area a sculptural spiral stairs can serve hugely to enhance the aura of the room. Designed like a sculpture the winding curves provide architectural brilliance and a floating feeling to the user while they ascend the levels. Having a touch of both classic architecture and modern design this exquisite piece of furniture can double the charm of your interiors. This staircase looks almost like a piece of art forming the focal point of the room.

Simple and practical

The simple and elegant structure of the spiral stairs is indeed a beauty enhancer in every house. Even
in a modern décor this simple and practical structure combines utility and trend in the most exquisite way. The spectacular designed stairs forms a splendid way to ascend and descend as well as serve as a way of resting station and a wonderful place for hanging out with friends and family. This simple structure is an exclusive piece of furniture which can adorn the luxurious houses as well the small apartments enhancing the home décor in the most exquisite way.

For big spaces

For bigger and wider rooms a splendid option is to opt for the round spiral stairway which provides extensive grace and polished beauty to the existing home décor. Intensified designs and with a  curvaceous structure in multiple colors and patterns makes it an ideal sight for the onlookers and every welcomed guest. One can consult designers to induce some creativity and uniqueness in the structure. Painting the structure in white can also be a good way of highlighting the steps with proper illumination. Even a mix and match of two contrasting palettes can be quite eye arresting and a sophisticated display.

For small spaces

Contemporary designed spiral stairs are the best choices for space constrained small
apartments. This particular design is all about creative designs and unique patterns.  It is a sleek fleet which can be made functional even in remote corners of a small room. Innovatiion is the key feature in this design of the stairs where there are angular, circular or rectangular patterns which provide a contemporary feel to the usual stairs. To achieve this captivating look of creativity one can use metallic or intricate designs on glass material to get the best effects.

Metal spiral stairs

The versatile metal spiral staircase is an excellent choice that connects the two levels within the
house or even serves as an access to the terrace from outside. The best part of metal stairs is the fact that they are extremely elegant and produces an aura of sophistication wherever they are installed. Simply designed, they are available in the market with easy to install guidelines and complete set of fasteners so that they can be fitted easily. Another good feature of the metal spiral staircase is that they can be customised according to one's own preference and requirement, matching every style of home décor. Maintaining this kind of stairs is extremely easy and best for domestic purposes as well as in warehouses and factories.

Wooden spiral staircase

Giving a natural and earthy feeling, the wooden spiral staircase is an excellent choice to enhance home decoration in several ways. Glowing with a polished look this curvaceous structure can be complemented with wooden patterns and a mix of wooden and metal rails. The rich gorgeousness of the curving wooden structure ascending in the middle of the room or even in the corner provides a feel of real tree in the forest and thus exhibits a feeling of nature and practical environment. The material along with contributing to the aesthetics of the room is extremely durable and hardy.

Stone spiral staircase

In case the preference is hardy and rigidness then a stone spiral staircase is also a good choice that contributes hugely in elevating the decoration of the room. Designed with colored rock solid stones the beautiful stairs form a harmonious effect with metallic rails to complement the same. To induce more luxury one can install a beautiful chandelier in the middle to impart a rich glory to the stairs and make it more impressive.

To conclude spiral staircase can be of versatile types and they can enrich the home decoration in every way it is installed. It is important to match the style of the staircases with the existing interior decoration and to highlight the same with colors, design and right kind of lighting. A creative touch and some mix and match of styles can be quite rewarding in this regard.

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