How to create a study area in a small home

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A study area is essentially a place which is used for reading, doing paperwork and even computer work. For the larger houses finding a separate room for this kind of activities can never be a problem but what about those who have smaller houses? In modern times, the sky high prices of real estate seldom gives opportunity to purchase larger apartments and due to space constraint, among the  first few thing that gets compromised is the study area. But contrary to this belief even the smallest area can be efficiently reworked to find a space for study. A little out of box thinking some careful planning and some alteration can provide success in this matter.

Window ledge study area

Another innovative space saving idea for the study zone can be the window ledge. The inner window ledge along the length of the window can serve as a compact study table decorated with stylish and decorative chairs. The window ledge can be extended a little to make extra space and the walls nearby can be used for shelving. A built in cabinet below the window can be utilised as a storage space for books and files. With ample natural light from the window this space can serve as the most energised corner of the room.

Study corner next to a window

A study place should be in a location where one can concentrate. Tranquility and clutter free ambience are the most important factors here. To suit all the requirements it is best to have a study corner just next to the windows. It can be well decorated with proper shelving, closed cabinets and sufficient drawers to cater to the storage of all important papers and files. The shelves can be used for storing the preferred books and a recliner chair can serve the best for reading and relaxing.  It is best to decorate the study zone with bright colored paint in contrast with the window panes.

Subtle study corner in the living room

The next popular choice of study area in small apartments is the living area. The living area usually has greater space than the bedrooms. So slicing a preferred corner for study purpose from the living area is usually easy but to make it functional it needs some creative ideas. Once the location for study area is finalized it can be decorated with a corner table along with abundant shelves and built in cabinets saving a lot of space and floor area. The small study areas can be made subtle by using soft warm colors on the walls. Neutral color palette have excellent collection of subtle colors.

Pull out study in a bookshelf

This is an excellent concept for installing a study area where there is a lot of space constraint.
If both the living room and the bedroom cannot be utilized for a study zone then one can opt for a more space saving idea, that is having a study corner at one end or at the center of the elaborate book shelf. A folding table fixed with the bookshelf can serve the purpose of study area quite sufficiently. Wooden tables are the best choice in this regard. To brighten up the area one can use contrasting colours with bookshelves and table top to provide brightness to the room. A hanging fashionable light in the study area can also induce enough charm. . A concealed light with a led bulb can be a good way of illuminating the place at its best.

Colourful study next to the bed

A study area in the bedroom can be quite interesting. A silent corner just in front of the window panes can provide an excellent location for this purpose. Ensure to opt for a sunny area as it will help in providing energy and ample light. A wooden desk, some decent book shelves, few wall hangings and a comfortable retractable swivel chair are the bare essentials to decorate the area. Rectangular desk is the best in smaller rooms to save space. Folding desks are also quite popular for compact areas. The small study areas can be brightened with the use of some bright colors and wall designs.

Unused nook study

For a small apartment it is important to use all the unused spaces. These spaces if used innovatively can turn out to be an excellent entertaining or functional area. Such a space is the nook in many homes which were originally created to serve some separate purpose. Since the plan got changed the area can be now utilized to make an excellent study zone with proper designing and the right kind of shelves. The walls of the area can be painted well with neutral colors with special highlighters or wall papers can be pasted to give the space a brighter look. Different wall papers in different walls can also serve the decoration purpose excellently. Shelves in one wall can solve the purpose of storage and a wooden table can be matched with it. Some bright colored artificial flowers and bright lighting will illuminate the place in the best.

To conclude it must be noted that good ideas for small study room can only be achieved with some creative thinking. Intelligent use of colors and good styling, space saving furniture’s and proper lighting is all that is required to get the basic utility. One can decorate with cheap decorative items like wall paintings, frames and wall hangings to brighten the area. One can fetch ideas for small study rooms from leading home décor magazines and online portals. However while selecting the small study areas one must remember to find a silent and peaceful corner as without the perfect ambience the whole purpose of having the room will turn futile.

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