A home with an oriental flair in Mumbai

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The Urban Retreat, ZERO9 ZERO9 Country style living room
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We call it an urban retreat because it feels like a breath of fresh air in a busy, chaotic city. The clients preciously lived in a countryside villa and were a little worried of how they might readjust to living right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. However, architects, Zero9 based in Mumbai have designed the perfect getaway right in the middle of the city. The house is decorated with great care and excellent taste. You will see many Indian ethnic elements being used in the house, creating a homely atmosphere that the clients can identify with and appreciate. 

Join us on this tour of a beautiful urban retreat in Mumbai to find inspiration for your home. We hope you will find some new and interesting ideas through this tour. 

The entrance

entrance area ZERO9 Country style living room Amber/Gold Property,Plant,Building,Lighting,Wood,Interior design,Yellow,Floor,Flooring,Living room

entrance area


The entrance is adorned with a beautiful traditional wooden swing supported by intricately carved out metal supports hanging from the ceiling. Decorations placed on the swing made of brass depicting Buddha and a statue of the sacred cow enhance the Indian touch given to this place. Overall, the entrance is very welcoming in its own unique way. 

As you can see, the entrance has arched openings looking into the kitchen, one of the most important places in the house. 

An ethnic style living room

living room ZERO9 Country style living room

living room


The living room pictured here definitely has an ethnic style going with a rug in Mexican design and various ethnically inspired decorations in brass and ceramics typical of Indian accessories.The rough plastered walls act as a perfect backdrop for wooden shelves, carved murals, and statues to complete the story. 

Next, let's have a closer look at the unique and beautiful flooring. 

Stone flooring

brass inlay in jaisalmer stone flooring ZERO9 Country style living room

brass inlay in jaisalmer stone flooring


The stone flooring used in the living room is simply fabulous. Beautiful Jaisalmer stone flooring with inserts of frangipani leaves etched in brass give a visual and tactile experience break. 

Browse through flooring designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

An arched entryway into the kitchen

dining space ZERO9 Country style living room

dining space


The arched entryway into the kitchen is reminiscent of the Mediterranean style with mustard colored tiles defining the entrance. Before entering the kitchen, we can see that there is a table with a glass table top and two wooden chairs facing the window. 

Antique window seat

daybed ZERO9 Balconies, verandas & terraces Furniture



Pictured here, we see a lovely window seat perfect for reading, soaking up some sunlight, or enjoying the view outside. The wooden Parsi styled antique seating painted in green brings an old world charm to this living space. There's even an old bird cage attached to the seating. 

Finally, let's take a look at one of the bedrooms in the house. 

Batman inspired bedroom

batman bedroom ZERO9 Country style bedroom

batman bedroom


The Batman inspired bedroom pictured here is perfect for boys young and old, because in a way, boys never grow up anyway. The elevated bed platform with its dark brown leather paneling at the back and a back-lit cutout of batman makes a lasting impression in this room. 

We have now come to the end of our tour, and we hope that you've enjoyed it as much as we have. For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at a marvellous home dressed in stone

What do you like most about this home? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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