30 pictures of bedrooms for Indian homes

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The bedroom is that room of your house, where you abandon your worries, let loose and relax. It is a space that gives you all the privacy and comfort you need and yearn for. Doing up this room based on functionality, your needs and taste, is not difficult at all. The right choice of furniture, colour of paint, the distribution of space and light can give your room a really comfortable feel.

Most people believe that a bedroom cannot look lively and yet be comfy and serve the purpose of sleep. Today, at Homify we list out 30 really cool ideas to give your bathroom a new lease of life! Ready for a journey of inspirations? Let us go!

1. Harmony and Charm

Yes, your bedroom is that room of your house where you sleep. Therefore, it has to exude a sense of calm and harmony. And, this design does just that! It combines attractive aesthetics with functionality, which gives your bedroom a breath of fresh air. The whites and greys add warmth and go beautifully well with the wooden flooring, and together they create an atmosphere that is sure to promote a good night’s sleep. The vertical lines on the main wall add elegance and royalty to the room’s look.

2. The wooden flooring and the wall covering complement each other and create a cosy feel

3. Choose the right ceiling lighting, and voila, you have a bedroom out of the fairy tales

4. Throw in some wall decals, to give your bedroom a rustic or personalized look.

5. Boy, oh boy! All you need is a beautiful four poster cot, to give your bedroom a majestic look!

Pick the right furniture, and that is all you need to do! Yes, your bed can make or break the look of your bedroom. Not only does it promote a good night of sleep, but also adds to the aesthetics of the room. If you want to keep it simple go in for a cot with a mahogany finish. Like it royal and romantic, the four poster canopy bed, is what you need!

6. If you want to give your dorm room an intimate and personal touch, simply use wall scones. They are inexpensive and give your room the desired make over.

7. For a personal imprint, blow up and hang pictures. And, if you do not want to hang your own pictures, pick some colourful digital prints instead.

8. Small bedroom? Fret not! Expand the spatial feel of your cosy haven with the use of mirrors!

9. Integrated spaces

Space is a big bother today, but even the smallest of the bedrooms can be given a personal and modernistic touch. If you are willing to experiment trey the open concept trend. It is cool, it is chic, and trust us when we say it gives your room a sophisticated feel. If you are bold enough, integrate your bathroom and bedroom. You can still create a separation hallway for total privacy, and give the interiors an all new look. A design such as this dispenses doors, and gives your bedroom an uber chic look.

10. Break the monotony of a traditional looking bedroom by adding floating tables or funny appliques.

11. White with a dash of colour

There is no better than a bedroom in white. Add just a dash of colour through the textiles for an elegant look. When the space in your bedroom is not very generous, you can go try introducing chromatic nuances through complements. The textiles in your room, be it your cushions, bed spreads or even drapes can become your best ally in giving your room a new look. Go white with the theme. Install a good lighting system at the head of the bed, and throw in colourful textiles to spruce up your bedroom.

12. Giving your room a romantic feel, is as easy as it gets. Choose Victorian style furniture such as a large oval mirror, a wooden closet that complements it and other artefacts to enthuse romance in the air.

13. Rustic on your mind? Go creative and try a wooden false ceiling and furniture to complement it for that retro feel!

14. Go wild with colours, paint your room with a nude shade or something more bold. We leave it to you!

Try this look if you are bored with the boring old painted walls in your bedroom. You can introduce chromatic hues and nuances in your room in a really original way. Do not dress your whole wall the same colour. Instead, go bi-colour! You can paint half the wall white and the other a pale blue. It lends a feeling of tranquillity and allows for your furniture to really stand out!

15. Use any corner of the room to add a compact storage unit. It adds to the look, and organisational needs of the bedroom.

16. Concealed cupboards can look classy.

Use the space above the head of the bed, to build concealed storage cupboards to stow away things you do not use. Throw in an armchair, a small yet cosy bed, and the right colours for a minimalistic yet contemporary look.

17. Do away with your headboard. Instead, opt for an attractive and elegant option such as the quilting in this really cool looking bedroom!

18. Looking for a really cool idea to spruce up your room? Paint your wall with graffiti or load it with art murals for a really cool feel.

19. Create the right balance by choosing neutral shades for both your walls and textiles.

The warmth that a wooden wall contributes to any interior design is simply indisputable. Combined with soft tones, such as in this bedroom, the results are pleasing to the eye. The juxtaposition of various elements in the room, create the perfect harmony and balance and make your bedroom both cosy and charming.

20. Okay, so you have an attic for a room. You can turn this adversity into a brilliant opportunity, by using the space beneath a sloping roof to sleep and watch the stars.

21. For an evergreen look, go with simple, elegant pictures, the right illumination, and wooden flooring for a contrasting room full of character.

22. Use contemporary elements such as lampshades and matching wall decals for a modern and chic bedroom.

23. Green on your mind? Bring in natural air and vitality by placing plants by the side of your bed.

24. Go Vinyl

Graphic Designer Loft, LAB43 LAB43 Industrial style bedroom

As we have already mentioned a dozen times already, if you want to make your bedroom look all new without having to invest too much, the walls are where you should begin from. The way you do up your wall can change the way your room looks. Just throw in an original piece of vinyl and achieve a look like in the model. You can choose from dozens of designs, colours and budgets.

25. Give your room an aesthetic revamp, by the addition of an original closet, which will not help you maintain order in your bedroom but also give your room a fresh look.

26. Original Patterns

Dress the walls of your sleeping space with modern, classic, minimalistic or eclectic patterns, You can use paint or vinyl to do this. You may also go in for a wallpaper of your choice if budget is not a constraint. Go creative, think out of the box, and you will love the ideas you can come up with.

27. White and mirrors will make your room look angelic. It will also make the smallest of rooms look bigger!

28. Try geometric designs in both fixtures and fittings to give your bedroom a modern look.

29. The black and white binomial is a safe bet that you simply cannot go wrong with. This colour scheme is synonymous with elegant and sophisticated bedrooms and easy to implement.

30. Daring rooms

Do you want to break the monotony? Are you ready to try something new? The last of our proposals is a simple yet effective way to give the interiors of your room a new look. Bring in nature in the form of a wallpaper, throw in some bedside lamps, and voila! You have a bedroom you will love.

If you are looking for more designs to revamp your apartment, do not forget to read:  5 elegant bedroom decor styles.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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