6 pictures of room dividers for Indian homes

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Most small apartments have a combined living and dining area which can be tough to separate. The easiest way to differentiate between the two areas is by incorporating customise partitions. Although partitions can be made using various materials like glass, wood and even cement but one of the most flexible out of them all is fiberboard. 

If you too are looking for different styles that you can use for creating your partition then here is a list of six designs.

1. Club shaped laser cutouts

For those of you who love to customise designs, this club-shaped laser cut out is perfect. You can get these panels manufactured easily and that too at a decent price. Apart from this, you can also combine these laser cut outs with cabinets on either side so that you utilise the space well. This will also make the panel multifunctional and look complete.

2. Swirl partition frames

It is not important that you have to opt for a single long partition for your requirement. You can also create these swirl partition frames that can be combined to cover the partition space. The best part about these individual frames is that you can easily stack them on top of each other and can also place them in small spaces like windows.

3.Laser cut circle partition

If you want a little more privacy between the two areas that you are looking to partition then this circular shaped laser cut out might be an excellent choice. These cutouts resemble a mesh which is the best way to obstruct the view between the two areas. You can also create two individual panels and place them on opposite walls so that it looks like a natural walkway in between.

4. Tree shaped laser cutouts

Another great design which can be used as a partition is this tree shaped laser cut out. This design is ideal for those who are looking for a straightforward and clean alternative for their barrier requirement. These laser cut panels do not block your view completely making it easy for the light to spread in all direction.

5. leaf shaped laser cutouts

This leaf shaped cut out can also be worth a short if you are looking to beautify your partition. You can opt for a similar looking half an of design where you can combine the cut out with a fixed wooden panel. This way you will be able to segregate the area completely but still be able to change the cutouts whenever you want.

6. Curve shaped laser cutouts

If you do not want a large partition panel in your house then opting for a similar looking curve shaped design can also be a great choice. This design is considered one of the most delicate laser cut outs that you can find which is perfect for creating an illusion of separation. These slim panels do not take much space on the floor which makes it the first choice for most people.

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