Home Decor: 3D Wallpaper Ideas

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We all want to decorate our homes to be a true reflection of who we are and how we finish our walls is a key part of that, but who wants to choose standard wall finishes that just anyone could have? Not us, that's for sure! That's why we, and interior designers around the world, are so excited about the revival of statement wallpaper! Not only can you now design your own paper, you can even experiment wit the very latest and greatest innovation; 3D wallpaper! We know it might sound a little out there, but when you see how incredible it looks and consider how simple it is to hang, we think you'll be totally sold on the idea! Let us show you some sublime wallpaper styles and see if you are ready to spend a weekend pasting and perfecting your walls!

1. Trippy illusions.

U2 Walls & flooringWallpaper

Woah! Have you ever seen wallpaper like this before? Creating the illusion of bulging circular panels, this printed paper is an absolute revelation! If you love retro design, we think this could definitely be a winner for you and just imagine how good it could look in a dining room!

2. Quilted luxury.

Texture wallpaper patterns for interior wall decor using custom wallpaper for home and office decor. Walls and Murals wallsandmurals

Texture wallpaper patterns for interior wall decor using custom wallpaper for home and office decor. Walls and Murals


Well, here we are with our first 3D example and don't you just want to reach out and touch it? As easy to hang as regular paper, the effect is utterly incredible, not to mention cheaper than having a specialist wall finish applied. We love this colour scheme too, as we all know that black and gold never gets old!

3. Spooky surprise.

To create some unusual ambience, you can't go wrong with wallpaper! This one-piece mural installation is absolutely astounding and looks so realistic and thanks to the greyscale scheme, is ideal for more minimal and contemporary homes that don't want to go wild with colour.

4. Forced perspective.

Erm… can we take a minute to really appreciate this wallpaper effect? Imagine how great this would be for a small home; it would give the impression of a far larger space! Honestly, we'd have to stop ourselves from trying to walk through the wall, every single day!

5. Smokey and spectacular.

These modern wallpaper designs are leaving us breathless! in the past, it was all flocked finishes and chintzy patterns, but now, ANYTHING GOES! We never thought of a smokey backdrop for a bedroom before, but now that we've seen it, we now we will obsessing forever.

6. Razzle dazzle.

This wallpaper is beautiful! A 3D effect, in glittering silver, has added a wealth of unusual and luxury aesthetics, while the 'bulging' effect keeps you guessing as to what is actually going on! It looks like something form a sci-fi movie set and is so much more interesting than paint.

7. Cultural installations.

Fine art wallpaper for exclusive wall decor with custom wallpaper and custom wall murals. Walls and Murals wallsandmurals BedroomAccessories & decoration Paper White

Fine art wallpaper for exclusive wall decor with custom wallpaper and custom wall murals. Walls and Murals


We would have sworn that this wall was actually carved out of stone, but no, it is simply incredible 3D-effect wallpaper! If nothing else, it offers a fantastic way to get the dream finish you want, but for a fraction of the cost, but we are really taken in by the effect. Aren't you?

8. Natural inspiration.

Floral wallpaper isn't anything new, but huge flower motifs certainly are! Dramatic, beautiful and so easy to update if you ever want an alternative bloom as your backdrop, wallpaper really is looking like the way to go!

9. Rustic made easy.

Interior wood cladding is a huge trend right now, but who has the time to actually install it? You don't need time with this 3D wallpaper, as you get all the aesthetics of a gorgeous wooden feature wall, in a fraction of the time, for a lot less money and it never needs maintaining!

10. Two trends in one!

We all know that metallics are a really popular at the moment, so why not combine that with your wallpaper choice and be at the very cutting edge of design fashion? The way the light reflects off this wallpaper makes it impossible to tell that it really isn't a series of metal discs!

11. 3D perfection!

This might be the most impressive wallpaper yet, as it really is 3D, not just 3D-effect! The advent of 3D printing has made it possible to create vast sheets of undulating and interesting materials, which can be simply and quickly hung on your walls to amazing effect. The lighting really emphasises the design here too!

12. Superb scallops.

Tiles 'Digitally Printed' Wallpaper Collection Paper Moon Walls & flooringWallpaper
Paper Moon

Tiles 'Digitally Printed' Wallpaper Collection

Paper Moon

What we love about this wallpaper is that it has taken a traditional scallop motif and added a modern twist with the chic white colour scheme and amazing 3D shaping. This would be a great option for more heritage homes to get in on the modern wallpaper obsession!

For more great wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 wicked ways to customize your wall decor.

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