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Gardening is the hobby of almost all of the individuals. Having a small garden or a big lawn at the residence further beautifies it. Perhaps, having a small kitchen garden as well is not at all a bad idea to decorate the outer area of the homestead. It serves a dual purpose as it acts as a decorative elevation for the house and at the same time offers the owner the pleasure of having home grown, fresh vegetables those are free from harmful chemicals like pesticides and insecticides. Growing vegetables in a small garden is not a hard task to do. All it requires is little patience and ample of time. Here are some basic tips that can be a great help as to how can one grow plenty of vegetables in a mini garden.

Plan your small garden space

In order to dig out a small mini kitchen lawn in the yard, the first step is to plan the amount of space and area that would be required for the vegetable plot. Depending upon the length and width of the building, a patch of land is measured and decided to be converted into a park of edible greens. As per the needs and requirements of the owner, he or she can either choose to have a small belt or a large one. Whatever he or she chooses, it should be according to the blueprint of the house and the amount of veggies one wants to grow

Prepare your soil

The second thing to do is to prepare the soil with the use of various manures and fertilizers that increase the fertility of the soil and make it rich in nutrients and other essentials that keep it prolific and generative. The use of organic substances should be done properly so that the vegetables are healthy and green. Also, the use of high-yielding variety of seeds can be an added help to maintain the lushness of the humus. When one follows all the steps carefully and implements the small vegetable garden ideas appropriately, there comes out a perfect plot herb.

Decide which vegetables you want to grow

A kitchen garden cannot be made unless one is sure about what plants or legumes one wants to vegetate. Different people have different choices and tastes. Some prefer to have more of green vegetables some prefer the ones rich in roughage whereas others who are strictly diet conscious like to go for the ones rich in vitamins and minerals. Deciding in advance makes growing vegetables in a small garden a very easy and time saving process. Simultaneously, it eradicates the confusion.

Be smart with the space

While preparing a kitchen garden, one thing that is to be highly taken care of is the accurate use of the space available. It should be utilized wisely and the vegetables must be grown vertically. The main advantage of growing them together is that it requires a small piece of land and a lot of space is saved which can be used for some other purpose. The remaining area can be used to develop fruits or flora.

Interplant two or more veggies

To have a compact yet spacious garden, another thing that can be done is that the veggies can be interplant and lot of them can be grown at the same time. This in turn helps them to grow at a faster rate. On to that, enough provision and exposure to sunlight, heat, water, and oxygen helps to propagate the seedlings properly. This is probably one of the best small vegetable garden ideas which must be followed by everyone when he or she sets out create a mini kitchen lawn.

Use innovative pots to grow veggies

One can either go for growing his or her veggies in pots instead of growing them on a patch of earth. This can be more eco friendly as well as convenient for the owner as looking after potted plants is easier as compared to looking after a garden. Also, planting the herbs in pots saves money and requires less time as well as a small place. This is even better than growing vegetables in a small garden. In fact, both these ideas can be used simultaneously. In case the amount of land is small then the rest of the vegetables can be planted in pots.

In short, vegetables can easily be grown in a small garden or in pots, whatever one prefers more. Both the techniques can fetch a person plenty of veggies to feed on and the cumbersomeness of buying vegetables from the grocery store can also be got rid of. These small vegetable garden ideas can prove very helpful for the ones who crave to have their own vegetable garden where they can grow their favorite edible greens.

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