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A Bespoke Modern House in the Hills

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A home with beach views can feel like a home away from home. An escape from the concrete jungle to a world of nature, picturesque views and perfect sounds and sights. This magnificent home on the beach has all the bases covered of living in harmony with nature. Taking in the beauty that is available at every angle might just be the get away that you need.

This home celebrates the quality of life through breathtaking views and scenery, fresh air that will improve your breathing and allow for physical and mental effects of the sights of the Villa de Caminha village, north of Portugal, to be enjoyed as much as the coastal atmosphere of this location. This marvellous home was designed by the team at Castro Calapez Architecture and wonderfully captured by Antonio Chaves Photography.

Rustic modernism

This view of the unique house in the hills shows us that the one storey home nestled on a natural slope and clearly resting on stilts, allows for a high rise and fun yet vibrant view of the sea and village below. This prime location has eclectic and privileged views of the sea and beach with the fantastic balcony surrounding the entire living space. 

The flat roof of this rust toned holiday home protrudes above the perimeters of the other homes surrounding this one and makes for a proud home in the hills. At ground level, there is a swimming pool and garden that can be enjoyed by the occupants on those scorching days when the beach is just too full of visitors both locally and abroad.

Living room

This living room area shows us the first glimpse into the interior of this modern home in the hills, neutrally decorated with elegance and natural tone, this home almost has a cabin like effect to it with the amount of wood used in the design. 

The caramel tone of the ceiling and the grey flooring and sofa adds an almost minimalist yet designer aspect to the entire room making the earthy tones a worthwhile addition to the interior. The amount of large windows throughout this home sure creates a natural brightness and sun-kissed appeal that is warm, inviting and charming too.

Sleek kitchen

This simple yet sleek kitchen is all rustic colours and earthy tones with the inclusion of coated concrete surfaces, luxurious walnut cupboards and a similar concrete flooring in a burnt tone, which adds a rustic effect to this unique house. 

Added to the neutral hues and natural materials utilised in the kitchen are modern appliances, making this home pure perfection with no detail overlooked. Again, the presence of a large window provides natural sunlight that makes this home space truly bright and well-ventilated. 

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Master bedroom

The main bedroom of this magnificent home is nothing to joke about either, with its simple earthy tones and uncluttered approach to décor, the room fulfils the other desires… the breathtaking view of the village below, the landscape and the beach can be admired through this large window that almost frames the view like a work of art. 

Throughout this home natural elements and neutral tones have been a feature, something that is not forgotten in the bedroom décor too, with modern, minimalist elements being a core value here, albeit with a bit of rustic charm. This bedroom is simple in its décor and design, with the natural sunlight being the focus here, allowing the outdoors to illuminate the indoor space perfectly! For more bedroom ideas from homify have a look at this compilation of inspirations!


A home with such synergy is certainly unique and this effort has even been translated to the bathroom space. Making the home carefully planned and thought out with every aspect and attention to detail creates a perfect living space.

The luxurious bathroom has views of the landscape too, making the bathroom a great addition to this already fabulous home in the hills. The same coated concrete walls provides a tasteful and classic decoration and design of the bathroom. And with the use of earthy tones both in the interior and exterior, this home has enough charm and style to suit the hillside where is so perfectly perched, with panoramic views of the forest and village.

Chill space

A home that rests on stilts may not be something that is seen daily, but that does not mean that the space that has been made available beneath this stunning home should not be used well. This is why the design team decided on creating a relaxing recreational space beneath the home and as a result of it being undercover the inhabitants can enjoy the vibrant outdoor space regardless of rain or sunshine. 

This fun addition to the home in the hills will ensure that there is a balanced atmosphere for the inhabitants, one which enjoys the sights and sounds of the environment, while taking in the tranquility and relaxed atmosphere that comes with this type of recreational area.

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