6 living room designs from homes in New Delhi

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A living room is the first place in the entire house that your guests see when they visit. This is why it is important that you have a beautiful looking room which also reflects your personality. There are many ways which you can use to design your living room, but one of the most efficient ways out of them all is the how you layout your seating arrangement. 

If you are looking for some options to consider for your seating arrangements then here are six living room designs found in New Delhi.

1. U-shaped layout

For those of you who have a big living space in their house opting for this U-shaped layout is the perfect option. You can place your sofas near the walls to make the space look larger and open. Apart from this adding side tables and a center table can also be an excellent way to enhance the overall look.

2. Parallel layout

Another design that works well with different size rooms is this parallel layout. By placing your sofas opposite to each other, you will not only have enough walking space in the middle, but it also makes for a convenient layout where all your guests are facing each other. This seating arrangement goes well especially with living rooms that have a picture window as it does not interfere with the natural light source.

3. Focal wall

Focal walls are one of the most trending features that homeowners are opting for these days. If you to have a focal wall in your home then placing your sofa or lounger on the same wall can be a great way to complete the look. You can also add light fixtures like floor lamps to make the room look classy and illuminated.

4. L-shaped setting

If you have a living and dining space in the same room, then the best way to partition it is by using this  L-shaped seating arrangement. This arrangement will not only create and imaginary separation between the two spaces but will also help utilise the available floor area to the fullest. Apart from this, you can also place the seating arrangement in such a way that it faces your entertainment unit to make it into a family hangout spot.

5. Single wall layout

If you don't entertain many guests, then this single sofa or layout can also be an excellent choice. By placing the sofa on one of the main walls, you will be able to create a small living area without disturbing the rest of the rooms. Along with this, you can also add small stools near your sofa to maximize the seating option.

13. Corner layout

In case your looking to save space in your living room then these corner layouts can also be ideal. You can use an L-shaped lounge sofa to compliment this design. Apart from this, you can also incorporate paintings or pictures to the back wall to add a bit of regalness to your living room.

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