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10 pictures of pooja rooms in kitchens

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In modern houses and apartments, limited space often forces us to get creative with designing our rooms. While pooja rooms are an essential part of most Indian homes, having a separate room dedicated to prayer is a luxury that one sees only in large bungalows. In smaller homes, especially in apartments, designing a small pooja space within the kitchen is quite common.

While the idea may not appeal to everyone, since pooja rooms are supposed to be sacred spaces that need to be kept clean, it’s quite a practical solution for creating a quiet area where one won’t be disturbed during the early mornings and late evenings. Today, we present 10 images of pooja rooms in kitchens to give you a few ideas on how you can create one in your home.

1. Tucked away in a cabinet

Save one of the modular kitchen cabinets for using as a pooja space. Design a special door with cut-outs or religious motifs to set it apart from the rest of the kitchen.

2. Squeezed between two columns

If the kitchen has dead space between two support walls or columns, build shelves or a cabinet, like in this image, and use it as the pooja room. In such pooja rooms, using an etched glass cabinet door with an image of Ganesha can give a nice touch.

3. On the wall near the kitchen door

Instead of wasting the space on the small wall near the kitchen entrance, design a pooja cabinet that fits perfectly in the space.

4. A two-tiered counter

Choose a countertop in a quiet corner of your kitchen and build a two-tiered counter that doubles up as a pooja space. Place the idols and accessories on the upper level so that the countertop can be used as workspace while preparing meals.

5. Small wooden mandir

Another idea is to place a small wooden mandir unit against a wall. It won’t take up too much space in the kitchen and can be easily moved around when cleaning the floor.

6. Use the store room

If your kitchen has a storeroom attached to it, how about converting it into a pooja room? It’s a great option for creating a pooja room in a private space that is cut off from the rest of the home.

7. A specially decorated wall

Design a special backdrop for one of the walls in the kitchen and build a counter and shelves on it for displaying the idols and accessories. While designing a pooja mandir in kitchen, make sure to build a cabinet under the counter for storing pooja items.

8. Camouflaged in the wall

In an open-plan home that has the living, dining and kitchen in a single space, the pooja room can be incorporated in a niche on the wall, which visually separates the kitchen from the other social spaces. The pooja shelves can be tucked away behind a wooden or mirrored door to keep the space looking clutter free.

9. In a corner

A corner behind the door can be designed with tiered shelves for placing the idols. A matching semi-circular cabinet can be mounted on the wall above the shelves for storing pooja items and accessories.

10. A cubicle

The area between the kitchen and the stairs can be converted into a small cubicle that serves as the pooja room. Wall art and laser-cut patterns on the door or partition screen help to give the area a distinct identity. 

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Other ideas for pooja rooms in kitchens

Here is another way to incorporate a beautiful pooja room in kitchens. In this L-shaped kitchen, a well designed mandir has been installed in the corner while ensuring that it is at a distance from the kitchen units to offer proper space for people to move around. This vast pooja unit has well-designed doors to prevent dust from accumulating inside, and it also has sleek drawers for storing various prayer accessories.

Are you looking for aesthetic pooja room in kitchen designs? Here is your answer. This wooden pooja room inside kitchen radiates a pleasant vibe with its intricate detailing and exceptional construction. Designed by professionals, the wooden frame of this mandir seamlessly blends with the elegant kitchen units and helps to create a sense of uniformity while maintaining a distinctive look.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Respond in the comments.

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