Interesting ideas for temporary home decorating

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Interior design is such a passion for so many people, that committing to one theme or style can be difficult. In fact, decorating a house becomes a never-ending task as no sooner is one room complete, than the design fanatic has new ideas and wants to start again! It can be a time consuming, not to mention expensive, hobby but we think we have some great suggestions that will keep even the most flamboyant interior design advocates on their toes!

Temporary decorating; namely, anything that can be quickly and non-permanently added to a room, is a fantastic way to spruce things up and change the feel of a space, without the need for huge budgets. Take a look at our suggestions and see if you might be tempted to try them out before reaching for the paint chips!

Use mirrors

Mirrors have long been a popular and fabulous way to transform a room with some temporary decorating and they have the added bonus of making any space feel twice the size in one swoop! With every size and style that you could possibly imagine being available to buy or commission, a mirror will make short and easy work of totally changing any room.

We are absolutely in love with this decagon shaped masterpiece, showcased by Interdesign Interiores, that has a bevelled edge to give a real Art Deco feel and think that it has totally changed the feel and style of this room! Without it, the colourful pops would still look pretty, but not as vibrant and fun as they do now. Bellisima!

Add wall stickers

Temporary decorating has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity recently and part of the reason is the influx of companies making personalised and totally custom wall decals. The perfect alternative to putting up new wallpaper or re-painting, wall stickers can be applied in a matter of minutes and removed without leaving any trace. What could be better than that?

The styles of wall stickers available are endless, but we think this dandelion motif is lovely and makes a striking statement on what was a plain white wall.

Update tiles with decals

While we are talking about stickers as a method for embracing temporary decorating, how about looking into tile decals? We dare say that everybody has, at some point, noticed some tiles they are no longer thrilled by, but rather than taking the time to chip them off and replace them, why not think about adding some fresh and modern tile stickers to liven them up?

Even as a short term fix, tile stickers are a great way to prevent your interior from feeling stale until you have freed up enough budget or time to undertake a proper revamp.

Plant a vertical garden

It's not just your internal spaces that need some attention and if you are easily swayed when it comes to changing your design schemes, we imagine you have also tried a few looks in your garden too. This might just be the one that stays, however! 

A vertical garden is a terrifically modern and fashionable way to embrace temporary decorating, as you are not planting into the ground, but arranging potted plants into a clever wall bracket. The overall effect is beautiful and nobody would ever know that you could change it up in a matter of minutes, but you really could! Who knows, maybe you will like climbers one day and cacti the next!

Include a blackboard

'Don't worry' wall sticker Vinyl Impression Walls & flooringWall tattoos
Vinyl Impression

'Don't worry' wall sticker

Vinyl Impression

Even though we have seen blackboards on walls a lot, we can't help but find them adorable every time! There are a few ways to include them in your home too, if you like the idea of temporary decorating.

Blackboard paint is readily available, in case you are willing to commit to the look for a long time, but sticky-backed blackboard rolls are easy to apply too, like a wall decal, or you can simply hang a traditional blackboard like you would a painting. What is really fun is that what you have written there can change every day, or every hour if you are so inclined, so you never have to get bored again!

Hang some pictures

Just like with mirrors, hanging pictures is a tried and tested way to embrace temporary decorating and allows you to inject personality and style into any room in the blink of any eye. They can be removed just as quickly and with a little bit of filler and some touch up paint, you would never know they had ever been in place. We like the idea of constantly swapping our pictures around, just to keep family members on their toes!

If you like the idea of trying out some temporary decorating, take a look at this Ideabook: Guide To Decorating With Indoor Plants. You'd be surprised what a difference some well placed greenery can make!

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