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Easy tips to upgrade your kitchen

Medina Terrace, Hove Mohsin Cooper Architects Minimalist kitchen
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A kitchen can be planned in many ways. But whichever style you choose, the heart of the house needs to be highly functional and welcoming. So to help you design a modern kitchen, we bring to you a step-by-step guide to educate you how to create a perfect open plan kitchen. This design has recently gained importance and has literally swept the world with its charm. It basically started with small areas that did not have another room to spare for a kitchen. Now this design is not only incorporated in small city apartments, but in mansions and manor houses as well. From the layout to the colours to even the furnishings, this idea book will tell you everything about an open plan kitchen. You can choose these ideas as per your budget and then implement it using your creativity.

Plan your space

The first step in the designing of an open plan kitchen is the availability of space.  Make sure there is enough space in the living area so that you can easily carve out space for the kitchen and the dining table as well. The layout of the open plan kitchen should be over and above the living room. Make sure you cut corners in such a sway that they do not bother the living space. In all this rush, the kitchen should not look clumsy or too sprawled. So to make a proper balance between the living room and the kitchen try to call an expert and take his opinion. One should be extremely careful while designing the layout, as you want guests to see only the good parts of the kitchen. If you have a sink on the front side, try replacing it with the counter top so that used utensils are not a common site for the guests. The picture shown above is of a well planned kitchen area from the project Medina Terrace by Moshin Cooper Architects

Decide on a colour scheme

A colour scheme is a highly imperative part of the kitchen décor as well. As an open plan kitchen is visible from the entry itself, it needs to be properly colour coordinated. Also, because open plan kitchen lies next to the living room, it should be properly planned so that it enhances the overall effect of the two areas. The colours chosen should be such that they easily blend with the living room and do not create a distinct appearance. Moreover, the colours should not be too bright that they overpower the look of the living room as well. They should be soothing and calming to make the overall area pleasing and much welcoming. Use of colourful and bright granite as a counter top is another way to add brightness to the area.

Pick the right flooring

Flooring is as important in the kitchen as in the rest of the house. Kitchen flooring should be in line with the overall flooring of the house baring a few cases. You cannot afford to have carpeted flooring in the kitchen, as it might get wet with time. Therefore, for kitchen you could either go for wooden flooring or tile flooring. Marble flooring is anyways the best option, as it will help you add a unified effect to the whole house. For smaller areas, go for flooring that gives the sense of space. This can be done by using wooden flooring in sharp rectangular patterns or with the use of white ceramic tiles that add radiance inside the area. If correctly paired with wall tiles, the floor tiles can help create a unified box like look, which makes the kitchen more endearing.

Design with the right lighting

Just like any other room of the house, a kitchen is also important to be properly lit and well illuminated. This is the engine of the house, a place where everyday meals are prepared and sometimes eaten as well. This hygienic place needs effective lighting as it helps in easier cooking and eating. You should also provide lighting on the counter top to focus only on the stove.  This can be achieved through under the counter LED lighting that saves you a lot of electricity. Make sure you make optimum use of natural light as well. Not only will this save you huge electricity bills, it will also help you add a brightening touch to your kitchen. Closet lighting is also a good option as it helps you in dark times.

Have adequate storage

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Classic style kitchen Wood

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


Adequate storage is needed for organising all your kitchen tools and equipment. Storage will ensure that all your utensils and cookware is placed at an easily accessible distance. With just a slight movement of the hand you should be able to grab all these tools. This can be achieved by using modular kitchen designs that make use of smaller spaces as well to create a highly functional kitchen. The modular kitchen designs can help you create storage spaces by making use of vertical spaces like attics and walls. This further saves you space and provides you a nicely organised storage space. Try keeping maximum things in closed drawers as the kitchen will be visible to your guests and you would not like them to see all the messy cookware.

Only keep things that are necessary

The one key point that is essential for maintaining a clean and clutter free kitchen is to get rid of all unwanted stuff. This can be achieved by keeping only the required items. In a kitchen everything should be properly kept in storage areas. If there is anything kept on slabs and kitchen counters, make sure it is of utmost importance only. This includes knife stands, flowerpots and vases. This might also include kitchen stands for holding utensils and kitchenware. You might want to get rid of your old crockery or utensils that are not much in use. Also try replacing chinaware and the same chinaware may get boring with time. Try going for wooden cabinets that are stylishly created to display your expensive chinaware in the sassiest form.

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