Tips and tricks for using bamboo in your home

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While designing a house, we are always on a lookout for something new. This new can be a furniture piece or a structural element.  While people are tired of using stone, wood and glass for houses, we thought about the uses of bamboo as a new structural material. Yes, we are talking about bamboo. Bamboo is not a recently used material in home and living. It has been in use since ages. However, the utilisation and the extent of use have grown manifold over the decades. Today we will show you how you can make bamboo a part of your home décor. It can be either be done in simpler ways as a garden plant or can even be done as window blinds or living room furniture. In either case, you will be amused to see the hidden properties of Bamboo and will surely be inspired to make it a part of your home décor too.

Bamboo as a structural element

Let’s introduce you to a new structural element; bamboo. Apart from wood, stone and brick, bamboo is also used in making buildings and structures. It is highly employed in residences that believe in sustainability and eco-friendliness. You may as well use a combination of bamboo and other wooden accents to create a beautiful wooden house. This feature is also important for country style and rustic houses that are always on a lookout for more natural materials. You may also go for shaded bamboo that acts as a perfect colour-enhancing agent in home décor.

Advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to bamboo, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While strength and tenacity is one advantage of bamboo, its hardness is another striking feature that makes it perfect for use in home construction. Bamboo is also a highly affordable material and its durability is unmatched as compared to other building materials. Bamboo is easily available, especially in countries like India, which make it suitable for all pockets, as you do not need to pay for an additional transportation cost. On the flip side, bamboo has its own share of disadvantages as well. Bamboo does not come in a variety of colours; therefore, it is not easy to blend with all styles of home decors. Secondly, bamboo is basically a wood that will not stand the test of time and get succumbed to water pretty fast. This calls for regular repairs and maintenance.

The picture shown above has been taken from the project Wood Venetian Blinds by Clinique Window Blind Systems.

Bamboo as cladding material

Bamboo can be used to decorate your façade as well. This helps in giving your home an organic feel that makes it highly appealing and pleasant.  Bamboo décor is a boon for nature lovers who want to live in a nature-enclosed space as this gives them a feeling of a wooden cabin in a rainforest. This idea also helps to make a safer interior, as bamboo is a hard nut to crack. You can even go with entrance doors or entrance gates made out of Bamboo, as it is pretty hard and highly durable. You may also use this just as another plant in your lawn or garden. This easy to grow plant will add as a beautiful addition that will literally change the look of your garden. The subtle brown of the branch and the green of the leaves look beautiful against the bright and perky flowers.

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Bamboo used in a fence

Bamboo can be used as walls and fence as well. In rural India, most of the houses have bamboo walls only as brick and cement are quite expensive in budget projects. This helps in easy construction as compared to brick walls that need a lot of time for the cement to set. Bamboo is also used as a fence. In modern households, when you have a garden with an entry or exit in the open, you probably need a stronger fence to prevent the animals from entering. In this case, bamboo proves to be highly helpful as it is strong and make a fabulous gate or fence. Bamboo can also be used as shown in the picture. Here it is used as a decorative item along with a fence on the wall. There are unlimited ways of using bamboo. One needs to understand its strengths to see proper results.

Bamboo as a roof

Bamboo has since long been used as a structural element in roofing . Especially in rural India, bamboo stands a strong chance against other materials, as it is strong and very affordable in villages. Bamboo used here is shown as a decorative item. It is used to accentuate the look of the house by being utilised as a pergola from the roof. Bamboo has strong bending power pertaining to its hardness and tenacity. Therefore, it can be used well against light pastel shades that look bright and vibrant against long bamboo strips. It can also be used on the exteriors like a roof cover. This helps to give your house a new and organic look from the outside. They look just fabulous on the windows as blinds and when paired with roof covers, they will just blow your mind with their unmatched beauty.

Bamboo for interior design

Bamboo can be used in interior design in many ways possible. Using bamboo or cane furniture has been popular since long. This type of furniture can be used in living rooms or even in additional seating areas. They make a great pair in gardens and courtyards as well. The bamboo furniture evokes an organic feel that helps to create a beautiful earthy atmosphere in the garden . It is just ideal for a country style or rustic house as it blends with the interiors pretty well. Another way to use bamboo in interior design is by using bamboo wallpapers. These eco friendly materials prevent the cutting of trees to make wallpapers. It also helps to impart the same finesse and quality as given by any other wallpaper. Moreover, you might want to try something new if you have a nature-laden theme for the house.

So did you like the smart ways of suing bamboo in home décor? Let us know in the comments below.

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