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7 simple tricks to furnish your small apartment

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Everyone dreams of a fully furnished house. But not all are blessed with open spacing and huge layout. While open spaces and huge layouts are easy to design and furnish, the real challenge lies in furnishing the small areas.  People find it really difficult to make use of smaller spaces to develop them into an interesting décor. So to help you decorate your small city apartment or a single room, we bring to you an idea book that tells everything about a small house. From the living room to the kitchen to even the bathroom, we provide you most updated information as to how you can have a fully furnished house. These may not include the most fancy of furniture or interior décor items, but will surely give your house, a perfect homely feel.

Create privacy in your balcony

In a small apartment, every possible space should be utilised. Even the balcony can be put to use if you want to go a little extra creative. This involves converting the balcony into a seating area or may be a study area for the kids. For both these purposes, you need to privatise the balcony with the help of glass doors or simple curtains. This will further help you to create a personal space that can be decorated as per your wish and fancies. You can as well privatise your balcony with an array of colourful planters that will not only add privacy but also colour and freshness as well. Try going for effective lighting in the balcony that makes it a soothing place to relax after a hard day at work.

Hope these designs left you with many new ideas to decorate your home. While on a tour of our website, do not forget to go through this ideabook : A home with crazy talents. This one is really unique and a sure shot source of inspiration. 

Create a spacious yet cosy living room

Living room : Neutral tones In:Style Direct Minimalist living room
In:Style Direct

Living room : Neutral tones

In:Style Direct

A living room is the first room you encounter while entering any house. Be it small or big, it definitely needs to be welcoming. A small living room might not have a flamboyant sofa set, but it should definitely have a cosy seating space and a minimal coffee table. This can either be achieved with bamboo cane furniture or a sleek futon. This area can be furnished with brighter accents like colourful cushions and rugs that could give your room a funky feel. You might as well go with coloured LED lamps or statement lighting for further embellishment. Try using vertical wooden shelves and portable features to keep the place spacious yet cosy. Also, apart from these, allow maximum incoming of natural light for brightness.

The living room shown above has been taken from the project Home staging: Grosvenor, designed by In:Style Direct, designers and decorators from UK. 

Create storage space in the hallway

hallway usually goes ignored or under utilised. In most of the houses it is just used as a place for spreading light and ventilation in the entire house. Therefore, It is highly imperative to put it to correct use. Use your hallway for storing stuff. Including closed storage or exposed storage racks can help create this. The exposed shelves can either be a bookshelf or a coat hanger. The closed racks can either be used as a shoe rack or for any versatile purpose. Try utilising the space under the staircase as a storage space. It is always advisable to work with small areas and convert it into maximum functional spot. Try incorporating mirrors and paintings in your hallway to make it more interesting. You can even go for foldable shelves that can be used for a variety of purposes like a magazine stacker or even a wine cellar.

A peaceful and calm bedroom

Even a small house deserves a peaceful bedroom. The bedroom should be a place where one can easily relax and sleep like a baby. It does not always need to be lavish or luxurious. Just embellishing your bathroom with minimum needs is imperative to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. Do not try to include a lot of unnecessary stuff. Keep enough room for movement as space makes the bedroom seem bigger. Also, include natural light and smart features like headboard storage and wall shelves to further help in maintaining a peaceful bedroom. Make sure your bedroom gets enough goodness from the sun with the help of glass windows that enlighten the place with warmth and goodness.

A functional kitchen

Even if a kitchen is small, it needs to be highly functional. One cannot tolerate a cluttered and messy kitchen. Therefore, while designing a kitchen in your small apartment, make sure it is highly functional. All the storage cabinets and drawers should be placed at accessible distance. Try to leave enough room for easy movement and manoeuvrability. You should also make sure to include natural light and lightly toned interiors, as they will help you to maintain a bright kitchen. Try creating a sense of space using elongated wooden tiles and modular design patterns. Planters and colourful wall accents are never a bad idea for enclosed spaces like kitchen.

Small closet ideas

Small apartments does not generally mean small requirements. While one cannot afford a huge apartment, the storage requirement will always keep on rising. For this reason it is always advisable to go for fitting storage options. These include, utilising small spaces and making them highly functional. In case of closet too, you may choose to go for an additional chest of drawers to make a place for even the smallest items too. You might as well like to use the vertical space to the maximum as this helps to store coats, jackets and outerwear in the best possible way. You might as well opt for attic storage for rarely used items.

Create a practical bathroom

Every home needs a practical bathroom. A bathroom can either be lavish or small and cosy. But, in both cases it needs to be highly functional. A functional bathroom is practically possible by placing all the important features properly by adding proper spaces between them. Installing sanitary ware and fittings can also create a practical bathroom. It is not always necessary to go for fancy equipment. Even a small bathroom can provide the same functions as a huge bathroom, but in a restricted area. Try including fixtures like mirrors and spotlights as they create a sense of space.

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