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6 tricks to improve your dining area

ANTONIO CARLOS RESIDENCE Mauricio Arruda Design Eclectic style dining room
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While bedroom and living room still continue to be the most important parts of a house, the dining room has also emerged as a tough competition. The dining room, these days, needs to be paid more attention as it is highly visited by guests and relatives. Many business deals and proposes are made while having food. Therefore, the design of the dining room is of much importance. To help you cater to this need, we bring to you an ideabook that can help you learn more about dining room design. This ideabook further highlights the popular do’s and don’ts that should be followed in any dining room design. These tips are valid for both small and big spaces and will help you redesign your existing dining room as well. These include colour, lighting and even the correct size of dining table for your house.

Add more lights

Lights are needed to add brightness to the room. A dining room needs to be perfectly lit with the help of lights, which can be done in many ways possible. The lights can be included with the help of ceiling lights or statement lights. Statement lights are highly popular in dining areas as they can easily highlight the dining table. A backlit ceiling will also help to create a glamorous look in the dining area. Natural light is as important in the dining area as in any other part of the room. It adds a distinctive warmth and brightness in the area. Including lamps in each corner will also help you create a uniform lighting experience in the entire dining room. For a  minimalist approach, try using DIY ideas that incorporate simple and unused lamps and bulbs.

Simple and timeless furniture

The main attraction of a dining area is the dining table. Now this can be either a simple design or a flamboyant table that can add a charming glow to the area. A dining table can be either wooden, metallic or even with a glass platform. Smaller areas may go for a foldable dining table that occupies much less space and leaves enough space for movement. Be it any material, a dining table needs to be sturdy and durable. For chairs, you might opt for matching chairs or contrasting assembly that basically creates a charming ensemble. A wall-mounted platform is also in vogue these days as it helps to save space and impart a modern touch. For a modern touch, try using tables in unique shapes and patterns to give a futuristic touch. Foldable tables are highly popular in smaller and minimalist décor houses.

Mismatch on purpose

To create a sense of colour, try to create a mismatch of colours. This will help to add a brightening appeal that can create a contrasting pattern in your house. This can be created with the help of colourful rugs, cushions or even wall hangings. Mismatch does not always be in colours; it can even be created in shapes. These include high low patterns of chairs, and different bizarre patterns in chandeliers as well. A mismatch between the dining table and chairs also add to the overall appeal. It helps to increase curiosity in the area and also add a touch of modernity and glamour. You should also try to add colourful chairs that will make the place more colourful and playful.


The dining area can be decorated with artwork to further accentuate the look of the dining area. Try including wall accents like wall hangings, clocks, mirrors and even wallpapers. You may include your choice of figurines and collectibles to add freshness and uniqueness in your area. You may also include planters with fresh plants or artificial plants. It is also advisable to include bright and contrasting curtains to add a beautiful artwork of bright colours. You may as well try to include wooden accents that brighten the room instantly. Another way to add art is by including pictures and portraits of your family on the walls. Inclusion of mementos or DIY projects like wallpapers and showpieces will further enhance the beauty of your dining area. Using a statue of a popular deity is also a nice idea for your dining room.

Add a cosy rug

A cosy rug below the dining table will help accentuate the look of a dining table as well. You might also include a bright and colourful rug that will add a contrasting touch to the room. A dining area can be either small or big. The size of the rug however, depends on the size of the dining table. The rug can either be inspired by the overall colour pattern of the room or by the theme of the house design. If you have decorated all other rooms as per nature theme, try going for a natural rug and likewise. You might also try to go for a brightening or contrasting rug.  A dark coloured rug as shown in the picture above designed by Antarte Mobiliario, will anyways help, as it does not make the dust much visible. Choose a shade that is entirely different from the room colours to add a chic factor.

Invest in table decoration

ANTONIO CARLOS RESIDENCE Mauricio Arruda Design Eclectic style dining room
Mauricio Arruda Design


Mauricio Arruda Design

A well decorated table is needed to add colour and class to the area. Table linen is very important and will enhance the look of the table as well. Be it a wooden table or metallic table, table linen will anyways be a great addition to the dining area. A table can also be decorated with the use of trendy stands and pillars. If your dining table has a glass platform, then try using a colourful stand that will reflect its beauty from the top as well. The use colourful chairs and rich upholstery on the chairs to maintain a cheerful look can also decorate a table. You might as well use a candle holder and artificial fruits basket to decorate the table. Using beautiful glassware and chinaware on the dining table can also help with decorating the table. Make use of trendy containers for condiments to further highlight the dining table.

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