Mockup 3 BED Luxury Apartment: modern Dining room by Dutta Kannan architects

A beautifully furnished 3bhk apartment in Bangalore

Sucheta Mehra Sucheta Mehra
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Opulence is not the only reason behind luxury and style. Thinking ability and creativeness are much more important when it comes to new and contemporary patterns. But, what if creativity is blended with opulence, a luxury apartment like the one discussed below is created. So today, we will take you on a tour of one lavish, 3 bedroom apartment designed by Dutta Kannan Architects that is built with extreme opulence and smart and creative genius ideas that mingle together to create a spectacular homely abode. Brace yourselves, as this might be the best tour of your life!

Imperial bedroom

As you enter into the bedroom, you are bound to experience a highly stylish and imperial design. The bed is the main center of attraction with four wooden pillars on four corners completing the look. A Swiss chair and fancy rug further highlights this unique creation. You may also notice the wooden wall that is the best remembrance of old royal deigns that were prevalent in India many years ago. Unique placement of ceiling lamps along with natural light brings immense brightness and glow in the area.

Formal seating

A separate formal area is also created at the very entrance of the apartment. This area is made functional by the addition of a bright and light coloured sofa set and a formal coffee table. The wooden wall that is designed in beautiful perforated patterns exudes an exclusive Mediterranean charm and creates a sleek yet elegant demarcation.

Modern dining

In a luxurious apartment even the dining room needs to be highly stylish. The designers have paid close attention to the dining table to make it as the focal point of the room. The dining chairs are richly upholstered in thick fabric inducing a subtle vibe. This area is amiably separated from the rest by the incorporation of a sleek and matching statement light. The modern art painting on the opposite wall add colour and brightness to the room.

Wood inspired kitchen

The kitchen in this house is inspired by wooden accents that impart a sassy and suave look. This kitchen décor exudes a stylish stance with the inclusion of slender modular cabinets and the similar statement light just like the dining room. The company of 3 orange bar stools further imbue a brightening factor that looks absolutely stunning against the granite countertop.

Luxurious living

On the same lines, the living room is designed to exude a classy and luxurious feel. This area gets its unmatched charm from the sassy furniture and luxurious and engaging products that complete the overall décor. The lighting is effectively done with the help of back lit false ceiling and a charming chandelier that truly imparts a royal touch to the area.

A warm reception

There has to be some transition space before witnessing such a marvelous architectural wonder.  A reception zone is created at the very start of the apartment. This zone is made colourful and agile by incorporating bright red chairs and modern art wall paintings that collectively make this area highly welcoming and pleasing.

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