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Lets take you around a house that is the perfect embodiment of style and flamboyance. The designers at in-situ designs have indeed created an absolute masterpiece. This super luxurious and flamboyant apartment has every small detail so perfectly executed and organised that you might want to make it yours at the very first instant. A Mediterranean bathroom, lavish study area and modern bedrooms are some examples of what lies inside this marvelous house. Hang on tight as we take you inside this stylish home.

The pious entrance

The entrance of this residence is done in a very unique and bizarre way. It is made pious and pure by the placement of the ‘Nandi Bull’, which is a sacred deity worshipped in many parts of India.  This statue or figurine looks just perfect against the subtle wooden toned walls and steel grey flooring.  The entrance is further given a warm effect by the placement of a planter that imbues freshness and pleasantness in the entire area.

Colourful living

The living room is designed with subtle interiors and muted colours. A dash of brightness is added by the use of bright and colourful cushions that lend the room an overall chic touch. A yellow chaise lounge chair plays the perfect counterpart when it comes to colouring. The red, royal armchairs that are located right opposite the entrance door also accompany this beautiful layout. A chandelier can be seen hanging on one side, which is basically a refreshing twist from the conventional central placement of the chandelier.

Modern puja room

The puja room of this house is made with a twist. While the inside has a long platform for placing statues, frames and pictures of deities, the outside is covered with a wooden frame with traditional decorations on top. The most striking feature, however, is the door. The doors are made with transparent fabric that always keeps the puja room a part of the whole house.  It never gets the impression of being ‘closed’ or ‘hidden’.

Glamorous study area

This house is even equipped with a grand and huge study area. This zone of the house is given a formal look pertaining to the wooden textures and the professional layout.  A huge bookshelf covers the front of wooden wall that is embellished with a lovely sticker on top. The wooden desk and golden chair help to continue the same monotonous tone of room décor.

The blue spectacle

Another section of the house has this extra seating space. This design is highly popular in large and flamboyant houses. This zone is made as a family get together or party room that has a lot of funky colours with a cool seating area. You may also notice traditional swing in the back that makes this room just perfect for a nice chat and catching up with old friends. The use of bright colours keeps the energy alive.

Mediterranean shower

The bathroom of this house is given an entirely different look and feel. It is inspired by the Mediterranean feel and given the same stance. The blue and black stonework looks absolutely pleasing and mind-blowing. A hot tub is fitted in between to enjoy a relaxing time after a hard day at work. An additional spa table is also provided in this area to just let go and avoid all negative forces around you.

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