25 tips for decorating your home entrance

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Creating a stunning entrance is the best way to make a long-lasting impression on your guests. For transforming this part of your home, it is not important that you re-construct the entire thing again. You can use small decorating items to enhance the beauty of your home's entrance. To help you with all the different decorating tips that you can use here is a list that we have put together.

1. Sleek table

One of the simplest ways of decorating your entrance hallway is by adding a sleek table. These tables can be made using various material like glass, tiles or wood to make it look modern.

2. Wall mounted shelves

You can also use wall mounted shelves like these which can add a regal touch to your home. The shelves are known for their delicate wood carving work.

3. Designer mirror

Using designer mirrors is also a great way to decorate your entrance. You can find these mirrors in many shapes which make it easy for you to choose your favorite.

4. Wallpaper

If you are looking for a low maintenance option for transforming your entrance then using wallpapers can also be an excellent idea.

5. Storage unit

To utilise your entry space well including storage units can be a good choice. These units can be used for storing your keys and other small items.

6. Family pictures

If you have a long hallway near your entrance then filling it up with pictures of family members can be a good way to take a trip down the memory lane.

7. Curio cabinet

Curio cabinets are not just made for living rooms. You can customize these cabinets to fit your entrance space and also use them as a partition between two areas.

8. Bright colour door

If you want to make, your main entrance seems lively then adding a bright colour door is highly recommended.

9. Ceramic pots

For those of you who love the rustic decor, adding ceramic pots like these is worth a shot.

10. Paintings

For creating an entrance that looks grand incorporating Victorian-style paintings is something that you can try.

11. Candle stands

Adding a similar wall mounted candle stands to your main entrance is another way to make the space look upbeat.

12. Decorative wall

Decorating your entrance hallway with just one item is obsolete. You can use a mix of different things like designer tiles, small mirrors, and pictures to create an amazing looking focal wall.

13. Coat hanger

These wooden coat hangers are also a great decorating accessory when it comes to entrance hallways. You can also use them for hanging your bags and umbrellas.

14. Back-lights

Backlights are not just meant for walls or ceilings rather you can use them in different places like your staircase and floor to make the area stand out.

15. Stools

Adding stools or small seating arrangements to your entrance is another way to utilise the space to its fullest.

16. Shoe rack

If you like storing your footwears near the entrance then adding a modern shoe rack can be a very good idea.

17. Wall clock

Another great alternative for wall decoration are these vintage wall clocks. These clocks come in various designs which give you a wide range to select.

18. Potted plants

The best way to make your entrance look beautiful and also incorporate positivity into your home is by adding potted plants.

19. Carpet

Carpets or small floor mats can also be an ideal way of transforming your main entrance. Placing these mats near the entrance is a good way of keeping dust particles away from your living room.

20. Colour combination

To beautify any place, it is important that you colour coordinate your decor. Opting for white layout is the best way to give a modern touch to your home and also make it look clean.

21. Sign boards

Including customised sign boards or nameplate is the perfect option when it comes to decorating your main entrance door.

22. Wall hooks

If you want to use the vertical space in your entrance hallway for storage then incorporating these wall hooks is a must. These hooks take no floor space making them ideal for narrow hallways.

23. Artificial trees

For those of you who have a wide entrance area, covering it with tall artificial trees is something worth considering. It will make the hallway look complete and natural.

24. lamps

If you do not want to add an excessive amount of light fixtures to your entrance, then these table lamps are the perfect alternative.

25. Decor pieces

Transforming your main entrance using different decor pieces like wooden boxes or planters is also recommended for customising the look.

Check out our ideabooks for more such tips. 

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