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Проект однокомнатной квартиры 40 м² (раздельная комната), SAZONOVA group SAZONOVA group Scandinavian style living room
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In interior design, as in so many things in life, it's all in the detail. A house can have a winning concept and a bold colour scheme, but without getting all the littlest aspects just right it can end up feeling soulless and depressing. Judging by this gorgeous little apartment, Ukraine's Sazonova Group are interior designers who know their stuff when it comes to the small stuff. The home is jam-packed with details that make it appear to be an intensely personalised and totally unique space. From chalkboards to vintage clothes hooks, this place is bursting with tips to take way and try in your own home—and each one comes with tones of character.

An overview

The kitchen seems as good a place to start as any, and this particular photo gives a good sense of what the feel of this apartment is all about: bold fridge in a statement colour, quirky patterned tiles, exposed light bulbs and pretty vintage details are just a few of the features that immediately jump out. 

The art of communication

Turning one section of a wall into a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard is a fun way of allowing a little personality and creativity into your kitchen (and comes especially highly recommended if you have young children).

Cute containers

These sweet white vintage buckets are the perfect vessel for carrying chalk, board erasers and other artistic bits and pieces. 


Another view reveals how this compact little room actually manages to contain the living room as well as the kitchen. Using predominately light colours has maximised the sense of space, even though there is so little of it to go around.

An original idea

More of those adorable white buckets—this time hung over the sink, and containing various kitchen utensils. This is a look that's easy enough to replicate in any home, and offers an original alternative to the usual utensils rail or standing tub. 

This picture also shows the mismatched tiles around this part of the wall, which include human and animal figures to mix things up even further—as well as to really ramp up the cute.

A simple workspace

A workspace doesn't need to be complicated; it just needs to be functional, and this one—part of the bedroom—is exactly that. Once again, colours are very neutral and dark shades are avoided, enhancing the room's apparent size.

Pretty touches

Those pretty little touches that make this home so very special are absolutely everywhere. Check out, for example, the lovely cover that transforms a standard office chair from a dull and utilitarian object into an endearing piece of design. Again, this is a quick fix for uninspiring furniture that is easy to implement at home, especially if you can sew. But even if you can't, it's very easy to find professionals in most locations who can make you up a custom cover like this one in the blink of an eye.

A new look

This shot shows how much more there is to this room, in spite of its small size. Notice how the bookshelves are slotted neatly behind the bed—an unusual arrangement, but one that works well in this little space.

The full picture

This gives a better idea of the layout of the room and its many thoughtful details. The tree-like hatstand on the left, used here for scarves, lends a slightly forest-like air to the space. Meanwhile, the variety of hooks on the right, and the items they support, bring much-needed colour and a pleasant sense of organised clutter to the otherwise neutral interior.

Animal antics

Animal-themed objects are always good for a quick injection of kitschy cuteness—and this row of hooks topped by a galloping horse is the cutest of all. Each of the their hooks on this wall, too, is entirely different. It's easy enough to pick up pieces like these in second-hand shops, at antiques fairs or on eBay or Taobao. 

Behind the curtain

The set up of this curtained-off clothing area is stylish enough that, even when left exposed, it simply seems to serve as a design feature.

Terrific tiles

In the bathroom, unusual tiles are used once again—although this time they vary less from one to the next, and there are no animals or people involved in the design. The result, nonetheless, is a feature wall that is also functional.

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