8 Mistakes to avoid with your home's main entrance

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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We all think about the different things that we should keep in mind while creating the main entrance. But often we forget about the errors that we usually make and which should be avoided at any cost. To give you an idea of the fundamental mistakes that people make while designing the main entrance or facade here are 8 tips and pictures that would help.

1. Durability and security

Most of us always think about the aesthetic appeal and beauty of our main entrance rather than thinking about it from a security point of view. For this reason, it is important to use materials that are not only durable but would also provide an additional layer of safety to your home. The best construction material for such purpose is usually wood and stones.

2. Natural touch

Another thing that most of us avoid especially if we have a small home is a garden. By adding a natural touch to your exterior facade, you will not only make the place look lively but will also be able to bring in positivity into your home. It is not important that you create a big garden rather you can use potted plants to cover the available space.

3. Personality

One should always remember to use construction material that complements each other. By using random materials to make different parts of your home, you will most certainly mess up the entire look of the place. It is important to have a beautiful exterior as it is the first thing that your guest would notice while they visit and it also refelects your personality. 

4. Colours

House needs to look fabulous at all times whether it is day or night. Choosing a colour that only compliments the house during the day or the night is a big mistake that should be avoided. The best way to deal with this situation is by opting for pastel colours and then using an adequate amount of light fixtures all throughout your main entrance.

5. Welcoming

Your main entrance should never look like a block of concrete. If you want your guest to love you home and visit more often then opting for a regal exterior would help. Using dull tones of colours and block structures can make your house look not welcoming.

6. Main door

Another thing that we often make mistakes with is our main entrance door. We often forget that a door should be easy to open for someone who might be visiting you for the first time. Having a complicated entry system might make your visitors feel uncomfortable.

7. Extreme layouts

Sometimes adding too much of a particular thing can also make your house look messy. As seen in this picture the designer has used too many plants in a small space which makes it seem like an unkempt garden. This can be avoided by reducing the number of plants and organising them towards the walls.

8. Unnecessary openings

The last and the most important thing to consider while trying to design your main entrance is not to incorporate unnecessary openings. Do not install a lot of windows and ventilators in your main entrance. This might be an error which would allow criminals and burglars to get easy access to your home.

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