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That time of year is nearly upon us. The time of year when our thoughts are drawn to sparkly lights and tree decorating.  Christmas is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family. To make this an extra special occasion and to show them just how much they mean to you, its great to decorate your house. You may be decorating your house for the hordes of family and friends who congregate on Christmas day, or you may simply want to make your house feel cosy and festive for the family.  Decorating a home for the Christmas season is almost as much fun as opening presents on Christmas morning. The stores are filled with fantastic things to decorate your home with, but what to choose? Should you have a plan or a design in mind before starting to decorate? Or just include the things that you love? Here at Homify we have found some great ways to express the Christmas spirit, both inside and outside the house.


Christmas is a great opportunity to show off the beauty of your house with festive lights and decorations. Whether you decorate your house with a simple winter wreath or go all out with roof lights and a complete Christmas scene, there is much fun to be had creating these designs. A simple winter wreath is a great place to start. This can be placed on or around the front door as a way of a friendly invitation to all Christmas guests. For more elaborate decorating try using lights. There are so many outdoor lights for Christmas. LED lights are a great option as they are available in many sizes, colours and designs. They are also relatively cheap to buy and operate.  Use them on an outdoor tree for a traditional look. They can also be used over the entire house to make it really stand out. Include a variety of pretty decorations with the lights illuminating them to create an eyecatching Christmas scene.

​Interior Trees

The tradition of having a Christmas tree inside the house has almost become a necessity. Waking up on Christmas morning and entering the living area to an elaborately decorated Christmas tree is magical. The process of decorating a Christmas tree is just as enjoyable as when it has been finished, and it is easier than you think.  Once the tree has been erected start the decorating with lights. LED lights are the best. These are available in a variety of colours. Consider the design of your house as to the best colour to choose. For a modern house choose a neutral white, for a more colourful house, choose the dominant colour in the design. Start hanging the lights at the bottom of the tree and move upwards. Ensure there is enough length to connect to an electrical socket. Then finish the tree with ornaments of various sizes and appropriate colours. Don’t forget the tree topper.

​Table Accessory

For many people the main event of the festive season is the meal. This is where everyone comes together at the dining table. This provides another great opportunity to show off your decorating skills. There are many ways to decorate a Christmas table. Themes are a wonderful way to start decorating. Use a colour, a motif or a well known Christmas story to create a focus on the table. This table is a stunning example of a Christmas table. The theme is based on well known Christmas symbols and a traditional Christmas palate of green, gold and white. The central line of the table contains lush green plants. Along side these are a line of glowing white candles. These colours are then reflected in the green plates and white bowls. The bears on each plate bring an element of fun and surprise to the design. This is a great way to bring a modern look to a traditional setting.

​Stockings for the Presents

Stockings are another essential part of the Christmas tradition. Who can forget the excitement of waking on Christmas morning as a child and sneaking to check if Santa had left a present in your stocking? In many cultures children are encouraged to make their own stockings, using everyday items, then decorating them. Christmas stockings are traditionally hung on the wall, or on the fireplace, where they can be filled with presents. These stockings are a wonderful decoration in this festive room. The colour has been chosen specifically to suit the colour palate of this space. The dark green-blue hues highlight the colour of the walls and the mistletoe on the mantelpiece. These are a fun item to use in any Christmas decorating. These stockings are made by Farrow & Ball.


Candles are one the most popular traditional items to decorate with for Christmas. There are so many types of candles that can be used, and so many ways to use them. Candles can be scattered around an area to create an all over glow to a space. They can also be used in small clusters to create an area of interest and warmth. Choose the candle type according to how you intend to use them, and the décor of the space. In modern and minimalist designs stick to the simple white candles. In eclectic style houses, be bold with coloured candles. When creating a focus area with candles, use candles or candle holders of different heights. These candles are a great example. There are several different sizes of candle creating interest.

​Christmas Style

A Christmas wreath on the door is one of the most popular Christmas decorations. Often people who do not decorate their home will still hang a wreath outside their house. The designs of these wreaths have changed in recent times. They have been modernised to include a variety of different materials and decorations. These wreathes are a great example. These have used a number of different items for decoration including baubles, bird ornaments and lights. It is not only the decorations that have been modernized with this item, but the uses. These items were once only used for the front door of houses. This has changed in recent times and can be seen all over the house. These wreathes have been placed on the wall in the interior of the house. It creates a wonderful sense of fun and warmth to the space.

Fun Christmas Decorations

In some houses traditional decorations may not be suitable. For example, in a modern house the traditional decorations may seem out of place and awkward. In these situations, it is best to take a more modern approach to Christmas decorating. These Christmas star lights are a great example. These stars bring a sense of fun and modernity to a space. When decorating a minimalist house for Christmas consider the colours and materials used. Stick to one or two main colours. Black and white Christmas themes are popular in modern and minimilst designs. Use these next to natural materials such as timber. A simple long stick painted white and decorated with black decorations can become a wonderful modern Christmas decoration.

Christmas Quilt

At the end of a busy Christmas day, when the excitement has worn off and the exhaustion has set in there is nothing better than to relax in the warmth of your own home. This can be even better if you are relaxing by an open fireplace wrapped in a quilt next to the one that you love. These amazing quilts not only keep you warm on a winters day, they also bring a sense of warmth and cosiness to a room. Use these stunning quilts to keep you warm or place them over the couch to create a cosy atmosphere. These amazing quilts are made by Lisa Watson of the United Kingdom.

Christmas is a great opportunity to use our decorating skills to create a Christmas wonderland in our own homes. There are so many pretty and creative Christmas decorations available to use. There are also many decorations that can be handmade to use in our Christmas designs. Whether you are decorating the inside of the home simply or investing more time decorating the inside and outside of your home, be creative and bold. Consider the décor existing in your home already, and work from this. In this way you will create a harmonious design. These are just a few ideas on how to decorate your home this Christmas. For more inspiration see Christmas Kitchen Décor Ideas for Indian Homes.

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