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8 shelf ideas for beautiful and neat rooms

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There’s nothing better than taking advantage of space in a room as it’s incredible to see how many things we store without using the walls of the house for fixing furniture and shelves. If you like to collect things, love books or just don’t know what to place on the head of your bed, we present these great design ideas for shelves to help you to take advantage of the space while simultaneously adding an interesting décor feature in the room. You can keep the room clutter-free without losing sleep and dream more in the process!

1. Use neutral colours with a few interesting touches

Create a piece of furniture behind your bed using neutral colours like white for most of the shelves and drawers. Use colour to highlight a few details such as the bed linen or parts of the furniture, like the background of a shelf or the doors of the drawers.

2. Take advantage of the front wall too

Place a large piece of furniture in front of your bed to make use of the space. Incorporate a shelf for the TV and any other device in the room. You can even add a small desk so you can use it when you need to work. Of course, having lots of drawers never hurts.

3. Not just the back wall

If you have enough space on the walls, don’t limit yourself to using only the back wall. Get furniture that wraps around the walls at the side. It’s important to design to suit the dimensions of the room so that it doesn’t look too cramped. The size of the shelves can be adapted to suit the requirements of the room’s occupant.

4. Just a few touches

It does not have to be a big piece of furniture. Just a few small shelves can provide all the storage and decoration that a bedroom needs. Placing an attractive coloured shelf, a few pictures and a tiny but comfortable desk are all that are needed in a student’s room like this one.

5. For book lovers

If you love books, then you know nothing beats reading a good book before bedtime. Turning the top of the bed into a huge library is a great idea. All the furniture, including the narrow side tables are designed with wood and have simple drawers and niches.

6. With a well-defined style

This bedroom has a clearly defined modern theme. The head of the bed has furniture with shelves for books but also combines night tables and has adequate space for a pair of night lamps. The furniture complements the modern feel of the room.

7. Very classy

This room has been designed as a space for resting and reading. It’s classy and elegant with a bed that has a pair of round night tables on each side with three similar-sized art frames hung over the tables. Towards one of the corners is a piece of furniture with shelves – ideal for decorating and storing favourite books you like to read before bed.

8. Take advantage of the corners

Don’t be afraid to use the corners to create customized furniture that is tailor-made to suit your needs. You can incorporate mirrors on the front and rear faces of the furniture as it’s always a good idea to have a full-length mirror in the room to see how you look before you step out.

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