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9 ideas for bathroom furniture – get your carpenter to make them

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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In modern homes, the bathroom is an important part of the interiors, so it should not only look good but also be as comfortable as possible. However, the area allocated to bathrooms is getting smaller as space becomes scarce, especially if you live in an urban apartment that extends over just a few square meters. As a result, we are forced to make use of every inch with functional furniture that helps to store, hide clutter or provide support for the sanitary fittings. Today, we present 9 examples of beautiful and practical bathroom furniture that you can get made by a reliable carpenter. Don’t miss these clever designs!

1. Bright-coloured modular shelves

Modular shelves are an excellent choice for bathrooms that don’t have enough space for a piece of floor-standing furniture or laundry baskets. In this image, the open, cube shelves are painted bright pink and placed at a height so that essential articles are easily accessible.

2. Elegant and functional

This bathroom has a distinctive appearance with elegant wooden shelves that are practical and add to the aesthetics without taking up too much space – perfect for rooms where square footage is scarce.

3. A good base for the sink

To achieve a modern look in the bathroom, we can use a piece of furniture like this one, where you replace the typical sink that is supported by a pillar or mounted on the wall, with a wooden base that also serves as a cabinet to store accessories and toiletries.

4. Wood cladding

Here, wood is used to cover the sides of the tub that protrudes from a higher level in the bathroom. The wood matches the cabinet under the sink as well as the steps and flooring near the tub.

5. A wooden countertop

Using wood as a floating counter saves a lot of space. The base of the sink does need not to have a cabinet or shelves. You can opt for a design like this one, which is simple and current, to blend the rusticity of wood with the modern grey and black walls.

6. Open, with lots of space

An open design is great for easy access to storage, and using multiple shelves also helps to make the bathroom seem more spacious than it is.

7. Multiple levels

It’s important to have allocated space inside the bathroom for every member of the family. Placing a piece of furniture with several shelves, like we see in this example that has many drawers in the cabinet under the sink as well multiple shelves on the wall, helps to achieve this.

8. Practical and creative

In this bathroom with limited space, the sink rests on a special piece of furniture that has an extra level for storage to make use of every inch.

9. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of the wall height

This design has modular shelves placed along the height of the wall to present 3 open shelves for storage in addition to a cabinet with drawers under the sink. It makes space for everything.

For more storage ideas for small bathrooms, see this ideabook

Which of these ideas will work in your small bathroom? Let us know in the comments.

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