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6 ideas to separate the various rooms in your home

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In small homes and apartments spaces are adapted to suit our needs. We sometimes cannot make clear boundaries between where the kitchen and the room begins or ends. This concept of own homes can be difficult for the traditional eye that is trained to see a clearly defined home with various functions. For those who are not modern to adapt to open house ideas, this article here brings you indigenous ways to separate the entrance of the home. These ideas can be applied to other rooms as well as they easy to adapt to different spaces.

1. Bold colours on plastic

A plane with a bold colour can be an easy and a fantastic way to divide the space within your home. This wall/plane is made of a special plastic as it should not look like another wall inside the home. If that were the case, then the home would be divided into narrow corridors and spaces. In this home, the plane divided into two parts is set across the entrance to the home. The narrow, long crack allows a sneak peek of the living room. The yellow paint adds to the bold presence of the plane.

2. Rhythmically woven wood

Wood is a versatile material that can also be used to separate the two spaces. The wooden panel here uses a weave pattern that creates a rhythmic surface to separate this home into different parts. Here as well the wooden plane is placed at the entrance. However, one does not completely solve the mystery your home poses!

3. A geometric background

Another rhythmic pattern here, but with geometrical shapes. This home uses a strategy devised by Matheus Menezes Arquitecto. The entrance is confined within the geometric plane and a mirror is used to reflect the background and duplicates the lines creating a multiplying effect.

4. A sinuous pattern

A utilitarian space responsible for the division of the entrance of your home and the rest of the home can be used as a decorative plane too! This plane set across the entrance probably holds a bathroom that can be accessed from the other side. The sinuous 3D pattern on the wall creates an interesting appearance and the undulations are quite a scene to reckon with!

5. An axis that separates

By creating an axis around which the home is placed, you can achieve a clear separation that also looks beautiful. The central wall panel here is placed tactically to divide the living room and the stairs going behind it creates s beautiful wrap around illusion.

You can hire a designer to achieve the look that you desire.

6. Mix patterns and surfaces

This stunning room is a result of mixing and matched panels and surfaces. The wooden panel with slatted wood, hides the staircase from the rest of the room. The plane with the circular blocks separated the room stylishly. The 3D wall and the complementing furniture and wall paint add to the beauty of this room.

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