50 pictures of modern corridors to inspire you – part 1

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Corridors are an important link between spaces inside a home. However, they are often overlooked during interior design or renovation of an apartment or house. A perfectly designed corridor not only adds aesthetic value to a home, but also provides a functional feature that ensures that every inch of space is utilized efficiently.  

To help you get inspired, homify has put together 50 images of fantastic modern corridors, which include style, creativity and practical design that will bring a refreshing change to your hallway.

1. Warmth and brightness

This corridor shows how you can integrate a hall with the rest of the home, without compromising on style. The wooden flooring, carries through the warmth from the rest of the rooms, while the ceiling lights add brightness and the shelves present a solution for displaying books or accessories to add beauty to the area.

2. Interesting niches

Instead of wasting wall space in the corridors, building niches helps to create additional space for storage and decoration.

3. Innovative design

Get creative with designing your corridors. This original design has shelves the wrap around the wall that links the corridor and the living room.

4. Minimalist with storage

This design is perfect for a minimalist home. The stark walls have storage closets as well as a small niche at the centre for displaying a few décor accessories.

5. Library in the corridor

Covering an entire wall in the corridor with shelves makes space for displaying your collection of books.

6. A sideboard with shelves

Instead of having just shelves on the corridor wall, another option is to add a custom-designed sideboard at the bottom, which can be used to store shoes, linen or crockery, depending on your needs.

7. A focal point

A narrow corridor tends to feel cramped. However, you can create a distraction using a bright element, like the feature wall in this image.

8. Ceiling highlights

Another idea for creating a distraction is to use a false ceiling with built-in spotlights and diffused lighting to brighten up the corridor.

9. Artistic display

A dull corridor or hallway can be made stunning by hanging a few lovely paintings on the wall and building a bright niche for displaying artefacts.

10. Rustic touches

Adding a stone wall, natural wood ceiling and wooden laminate flooring in the corridor brings a rustic feel to the area, presenting a nice contrast in a modern theme.

11. Black and white

Monochromatic themes bring sophistication to any space. This corridor uses black-and-white art on one wall, while the other wall has niches of varied sizes. The background of niches is painted black to add depth and drama to the space.

12. All-in-one

With storage closets on one wall and open shelves on the other, this corridor has it all. The light wood flooring brings a touch of warmth that makes the space feel cosy rather than cramped.

13. A visual link

The ceiling height in this corridor is higher at the entrance, but reduces along the passage leading to the rooms. The use of matching paintings in the entrance as well as on the wall at the end of the corridor links the spaces beautifully.

14. An eye-catching element

Instead of a blank white at the end of the corridor, adding a colourful mural or wallpaper transforms it from boring to stunning.

15. Minimalist with a splash of colour

Casa Dash, Ad'A Ad'A Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs Wood White

Many modern corridors are painted white to match the rest of the décor, but this results in them looking plain. Adding a bright artwork provides relief from the dullness of the white.

16. Colourful flooring and niches

In this corridor, the highlight is the beautiful mix of patterned tiles. Additionally, it has niches that are painted in assorted colours.

17. Natural feel

Stone cladding on the wall, wooden flooring and a few potted plants help to introduce nature into a corridor to infuse it with a refreshing ambiance.

18. Simple and bright

Not every corridor needs a bright feature to stand out. In this home that has an abundance of natural light, all the corridor requires is the warmth of wood flooring planks and additional illumination from ceiling spotlights.

19. Mosaic flooring and elegant accessories

In a modern home with white walls, adding mosaic flooring provides a nice contrast. Additionally, a few well-chosen décor accessories such as vases and a plush rug, infuse style into the corridor.

20. Reading area with seating

Instead of wasting space in the corridor, a design such as this one, which has open shelves for storing books and a cosy bench seat for curling up and reading, is a creative solution.

21. Shapes and shades

Another idea is to retain the minimalist style by using neutral shades such as white, brown and grey. Relief is provided by using shapes, such as the rectangular frames on the background wall, a round table in the corner and a sleek, rectangular foyer table. The laminate flooring is also laid in an interesting pattern.

22. Three-dimensional

This corridor gets a 3D feel with its unique geometric printed tiles and the view of the greenery through the glass door at the far end.

23. Interesting contrasts

Playing around with colour can add interest to the corridor, like this one that has contrasting black and white elements.

24. Whimsical

This corridor has a magical quality with the beautiful fairy lights over the photographs on the wall and the filtered light coming in through the sheer curtains on the windows.

25. Functional focus

Of course, you can always create a focal feature that is functional too. This white corridor has a modern fireplace at the end, which is set in a contrasting beige wall to add a stunning feature.

Don’t forget to visit tomorrow to see part 2 of this article. In the meantime, you can browse through 10 entrance hallways to impress your guests to get more ideas for entrance area design.

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