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7 bathroom furniture designs with minimal investment

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The bathroom was probably one of the most ignored sections in traditional Indian houses as till recently it was located in the backyard. It is only when scarcity of space forced construction of compact houses and apartments that people started giving attention to bathroom design and layout. Whether a bathroom is small or large it should always include furniture like shelves, counters, hangers and cabinets to keep all the items required in the region.  

Owners usually add little touches like open baskets, flower pots, bowls of potpourri, floral wallpaper and tiles to give luxurious touch to their bathrooms. In our ideabook we shall share some easy to implement changes in the bathroom that can be carried out with minimal investment and these furniture  ideas will help to create neat spaces neat for all essential products required in the region.

1. Extra space in the sink unit

People rarely take advantage of the space below the sink, which can be used to create a sizeable storage area depending on the space available. The region can be used to create counter to floor length shelves or just floating cabinets to make trendy storage areas for private bathroom essentials that would look ugly in the open.

2. Dresser in the bathroom!

This cabinet design is perfect for those that always need extra space for everything. The combination of small and large drawers in the cabinet against the wall can be used to store every kind of product be it smallest of bathing salts, cleaners, towels or washing detergents. All bathroom accessories fit into respective areas as the large cabinet acts as single storage unit for every accessory required in the area.

3. Extra shelf for beauty beauty essentials

This small piece of furniture with multiple shelves is essential for all women in the bathroom, as they often accumulate more creams, lotions and perfumes and bathroom shelf is the ideal region to place them. The solution is to add a shelf somewhere in around the sink either below or above or on the wall. Always try to keep the shelves half empty to give illusion of space and order.

4. Opt for floating furniture

For small bathrooms the best option is to place floating furniture that is above the ground to save on the floor space. It can be on the walls or within them and placed around the shower region, over the sink or toilet that will keep the bathroom tidy.

5. Cabinets that fit the bill

When planning the layout of your dream bathroom, decide in advance about locations to keep personal items and essential toiletries for effective utilization of space. This will help to design furniture that is tailored to the space, and even the corners can be used effectively.

6. Expansive mirror

In addition to using the bottom of the sink region for adding a few drawers, you can also use the corner of the mirror to place  small box style shelves. The design and structure can be customized with the help of a professional carpenter and can hold decorative personal items like colorful hair clips, hat pins, earrings, toothbrushes, dental floss etc and give a stylish touch to the  simple bathroom.

7. Distribution with minimal fuss

This is the general layout of a minimalist bathroom designed with minimal fuss to take full advantage of every square foot of available space without sacrificing comfort. In addition we see an idea that is perfect to keep the towels tidy by placing a shelf in the top of the toilet beside the shower.

Here are some more Bathroom shelving ideas to improve storage plans of the region.

Which bathroom furniture idea did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.
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