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Residence for the Unknown Client, LIJO.RENY.architects LIJO.RENY.architects Modern living room
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While decorating a new apartment the biggest challenge is to find something useful and attractive to accentuate the empty corners, and bring in an element of surprise . While some people simply ignore the corner it can look awkward if the rest of the house has been decorated in a symmetrical manner and the corner left empty. While it may not be possible to give a creative makeover to each and every corner of the home you can certainly modify a few to give a colorful or artistic twist.

In an urban setting lack of space for non-essential activities is a common problem for residents so every corner and angle available in the house has to be used in an innovative manner. Smartly placed furniture and planning can help you to use every corner and empty corridor in the house. Objects like shelves, plants, small stools and empty packing boxes can create storage spaces and also fill up empty corners.

Here are a few suggestions by our designers to fill up empty corners in your house with useful furniture and other essentials.

Indoor garden adjoining the living room

Residence for the Unknown Client, LIJO.RENY.architects LIJO.RENY.architects Modern living room

Residence for the Unknown Client


Nature when brought indoors, creates a cheerful ambience within a house and if placed in the foyer or living room greets visitors too with their decorative foliage and colorful flowers. Indoor gardens can be created by keeping a few colorful flower pots with beautiful perennial flowers or air purifying plants in the veranda or balcony and living room. People that do not have the time or space   to maintain a full-fledged garden in their homes generally opt for window boxes and small flower pots in the house that require little care.

Indoor plants like the ones incorporated in this pretty living room enhance the colour and style of this home. Slim bamboo shoots are ornamental and also require little space to grow and spread their branches. This open alcove in the living room with long bamboo shoots brings color and verve into the living room wherein prominent colors are brown and white.

Chat and relax corner

Every family needs a place where every member can relax and become a part of the family conversation or watch a movie together in harmony. While some families like to have such discussions in the family library or dining area, this comfortable living room arranged by Vavien Design can also become an ideal chatting area. Arguments about games, movies, books or television shows are best when they are done when the program under discussion is on air. 

Chatting with family and friends should be done in an area where there is sufficient place to sit and chat till the early hours of the morning without disturbing other members who want to sleep early. This L shaped sofa before the television manages to do that as it creates ambiance of comfortable relaxation with lush sofas and long coffee table for snacks during discussion.

Reading area

Did you ever realise that it is much more easier to do research projects or read a thrilling book in a quite library than doing it at home with people walking or calling out to each other? People who love books like to have a quite reading corner and what better place to create one than in a quiet corner at home. Here the owner has used up an empty loft to create a complete library with bookshelf along a full wall and a comfortable sitting area with table and chair. The cozy home library created entirely out of wood is perfect for a small family to read at leisure or to carry out research projects by setting out books across the wide table. To bring in natural light during the day a window has been created in the tiny wall along with a wide skylight on the roof.

Home office zone

Turning a corner space into home office will give you the twin advantage of privacy while doing work and also utilizing an unused corner area. An individual working alone in a home office needs a lot of motivation to produce desirable results and an innovative neon sign or painting create an inspirational atmosphere. If the home office is an extension of regular office that you visit on a daily basis and continue left over work then a simple table, chair and laptop will be enough.  

However if it is a full time office where you are likely to spend more than 7 to 8 eight hours then it has to be capable of bringing out the best in you without any encouragement. Floating shelves are ideal for home office as they can be easily relocated to another location. The lower work shelf has interesting little items like bottles and decorative glass pieces to retain interest. Greenery is said to bring positive atmosphere so a small flower pot is kept on the table to brings color into the area.

Decorating corners with shelves

 Accommodating shelves and cupboards in empty corners and corridors is the best way to make effective use of space.  This could be any bookshelves, shoe racks or display shelves to showcase your art collection of small figurines and photographs. Shelves that are open and wide tend to create a more organized home with sufficient storage space for every object. Creation of shelves at home also makes the children more organized as they learn to store their belongings in a more responsible manner.

The owner here was lucky to have two corners of a long corridor to use for making a long row of long and short shelves like a complete cupboard in minimalist style to store as many things as possible. Roof lights are fixed above each wall shelf to create sufficient illumination. Upper section of these shelves is open while lower sections have cabinet like drawers. Dominant white color intermixed with mixed tones of pink, yellow and blue give a sparkle of color to this shelf.

Laundry corner

Got an unused corner in the bathroom or the corridor then why not use it as a laundry area? In most homes that have a small extra bedroom, it is either used as a guest room or laundry with a washing machine. But where space is a constraint the washing machine is usually relegated to the bathroom and floating shelves are incorporated on walls to create storage space for ingredients used during washing.

In this small and compact bathroom every corner has been used efficiently with cupboards and shelves. The washing machine takes up the last corner of the kitchen close to the door and efficient uses space in the kitchen. The entire wall has used up as kitchen cleaning area to keep dishwasher, and washing machine and the wide rustic wood counter can be used to stack washed vessels or clothes as the case may be.

For more interesting ideas about efficiently utilising corners in your home try out this ideabook in our magazine section.

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