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22 low budget renovation ideas for terrace

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Terraces can be one of the most difficult places to renovate especially if you are on a tight budget. But if you are able to transform your terrace then it might be the ideal place for you to entertain your guests. So if you have been looking for low budget ideas to redesign your terrace then here are 22 pictures that you must consider.

1. Railing planters

One of the simplest ideas to beautiful your terrace is by adding railing planters. You can find these planters in different colours to suit your requirement.

2. Open dining

Whether it is about terrace or balcony covering ideas, India has various expert decorators who offer a range of innovative solutions that you can explore. If you love entertaining guests then your terrace can also be used as an open dining area. You can adjust the size of the dining table as per the space available.

3. Wooden planters

If you want to create unique look for your terrace in your home then incorporating wooden planters like shown in the picture can also be a perfect choice.

4. Floating planters

Another great low budget idea for transforming your terrace are these floating planters. You can place them easily on any wall with the help of hooks.

5. Outdoor seating

Terraces can be the perfect place to spend your evenings and by including outdoor seating like the designer has done for this location you can enjoy a beautiful sunset every day.

6. Lounge chairs

If you are looking to create a more cozy and casual setting for your terrace then including similar looking lounge chairs is highly recommended.

7. Potted trees

If you have a lot of open space on your terrace then including potted trees is a great way to make the space look complete.

8. Sofas

For those of you who are looking to incorporate a luxurious seating arrangement opting for similar looking outdoor sofas can be a perfect choice.

9. Wall of planters

If you want to customise a look for your terrace then designing a similar looking wall of planters is a must. You can adjust the height of each planter to make it look artistic.

10. False ceiling

If you wish to know how to cover open terrace in India, you must consider installing a false ceiling. One might think that false ceilings are expensive to make but by using materials like fiber and wood you can create a regal look for your terrace.

11. Lighting

Including proper lighting on your terrace is also a must in order to make it look beautiful. You can use creative light fixtures like lanterns to make the place look grand.

12. Ceramic pots

If you want to go for a more modern look for your terrace then using white ceramic planters or pots is highly recommended. The best part about this planters is that they go well with every type of decor.

13. Wall mounted planters

If you are looking for interesting open terrace designs, Indian style themes often suggest using wall mounted planters. Also, if you do not want to waste floor space of by covering it up with planters then these small wall mounted planters can be a great alternative.

14. wooden floor

Is not important that you always have to make your walls look beautiful you can also incorporate a wooden floor on your terrace to make it stand out.

15. Bonfire

If you want to create a cozy ambience for your terrace then building a bonfire zone can be worth a shot. This can be the perfect place to hang out especially when you have guests over.

16. Turf

If you are looking for a low-maintenance option for your terrace then using turf or artificial grass is also worth considering. You do not have to water this artificial grass bed which makes it easy to use.

17. Flower pots

If you are someone who loves flowers then incorporating small bunches of flowers all throughout your terrace can also be a great way to beautify the place.

18. Bright patio furniture

According to professionals, those of you looking to add a touch of colour on the terrace using bright colour patio furniture can be an amazing option.

19. Open bar

Having an open bar on your terrace can also be a great way to entertain guests. Apart from this, you can also create a small kitchen or a barbeque station to add to the features.

20. Creepers

If you are not looking to incorporate a lot of flowers on your terrace then opting for creepers can also be an excellent choice.

21. Elevated seating

To make your terrace look grand you can elevate the floor and place low rise seating arrangements like shown in the picture to make it look more welcoming.

22. Focal wall

If you want to decorate your terrace wall then you can create a focal wall by using different elements like family pictures, magazine covers, and even paintings.

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Some more interesting ideas

One of the best ways to decorate your terrace or balcony without burning a hole in your pocket is to install a swing. A beautifully crafted swing not only helps to enhance the décor of the terrace but also acts as a perfect place to relax, read books and enjoy your morning or evening cup of tea. These are available in different sizes and designs, and hence, can be conveniently selected to fit into the available space.

Besides keeping some potted greens on your open terrace, you can also create a separate, compact seating area with proper shade. It allows you to have evening drinks with your friends while enjoying the beautiful sunset. Here, this wooden construction is not only inexpensive but also adds a touch of rusticity to the contemporary décor of the terrace.

Which one of these terrace ideas inspired you the most?

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