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6 tips to choose the perfect mattresses for your home

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The fact that people spend at least one third of their life in the bed is a reason good enough to spend some money on perfect mattresses. Being close-fisted while buying the mattress for the bedroom could prove to be pretty detrimental to the health. It is understandable that one may not always have enough money to buy the top of the range mattresses. However, being a little wise and thoughtful before making the purchase can help the buyer get the right mattress even within the budget. It would be a good idea to first understand what types of mattresses are good for the individual and then allocate the budget to avoid overspending. When it comes to buying a mattress, choices are galore.


While buying the mattress, most of the people wonder what thickness will be the best for them. Unfortunately, there is no one easy answer for it. The choice of thickness depends upon several factors including one’s medical condition, back condition, and also a great deal upon personal preferences. While it is true that the thicker the mattress more comfortable it will for someone who does not have a medical condition, at the same time it should not add too much height to the bed that it becomes difficult to get on or off it. If not designed properly, the thicker mattresses are more likely to stretch and loll. Therefore, buying a thick mattress from a reputed brand is highly recommended. If one is comfortable with the thickness of their existing mattress, then it is best not to experiment with it. Both thickness and firmness can have significant impact on the back health in the longer run.

Understand the types of mattresses

The manufacturers have given many names to different mattresses; however, there only a few basic mattress types. For instance, memory foam mattresses are one of the most commonly purchased mattress types. As the name suggests, it uses memory foam which is known to mould itself according to the shape of individual’s body. Therefore, it provides better support to the back and spine. Since one sinks into it while sleeping, the pressure is applied evenly at all the points. But these mattresses tend to retain body temperature and may get warm. For those who need cool surface for sleeping may not want to buy this mattress. Sleep number beds come with the chambers that can be inflated with the air pressure. The inflation can be increased or reduced depending upon the level of firmness required. But these mattresses can be quite costly.

Know your budget

Mattresses are available in a very wide price range. This is why it is important to know the budget before one heads out for the mattress shopping. Mattress purchase could be a big expenditure. Deciding the budget and fixing a spending cap will help one avoid the overspending. There are a number of mattresses in the market that are available at a budget price. A lot of vendors add extra superficial features to the mattresses. These features do little to make the functionality any better but spike up the prices manifolds. Knowing the maximum amount one can spend on the mattress will ensure that they stay away from such promotional gimmicks. The sales guy at the store will also try to sell the add-ons such as bed frames, extended warranties, and mattress covers. One must make the wise judgment call whether they need any of these extras or not.

Firm or plush

As the names suggest, these features determine the softness or firmness level of the. It is common to see labels like ultra plush, plush, extra firm, and firm on the mattresses. These labels indicate how soft or hard the mattress truly is. Usually, the ultra plush mattresses come with the cushions and pillow-tops added by the manufacturers to make them softer. There are some mattresses whose labels may read ‘pillowtop’ or ‘cushion firm’. These mattresses come with extra padding, giving them a softer feel. But they are still firm enough to provide good support. Those who have back problems should go for the firm mattresses as they provide better spine support. But the mattress should not be ‘extra firm’ as it may worsen the back condition. Ultra plush mattresses could be pretty comfortable for those who do not have back problems. However, they do not promote good back health in the long term.


Amerisleep, tempurpedic cloud supreme, and Bed in a box are some of the most popular mattress brands. Amerisleep mattresses use the memory foam which is plant-based, making them more eco-friendly than the others. Their covers are infused with celliant, which is known to increase the blood circulation by converting the heat of the body into infrared light. Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme mattresses are known to be softer and also use the materials that keep the body cool. Bed in a box uses the cooling gel but there are still some heating complaints. The core is highly resilient making the mattresses durable.


Most of the top online mattress retailers offer free shipping to the doorstep. However, there are certain remote places that are not well connected and thus there may be some shipping fee. Whether physical or online, it is best to buy from the store that offers doorstep delivery as lugging the heavy mattress on the personal vehicle may be difficult. At the time of the delivery, one must only accept the mattress packaging whose label reads ‘all new material.’

There are plenty of choices available for those who want to buy a new mattress. It is important to remember that the mattresses have an impact on the spine health and can affect the sleeping patterns too. Therefore, making the right choice becomes extremely important. Thickness, firmness, and budget are a few things to consider while looking for perfect mattresses.

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