15 amazing TV room ideas for small homes

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Tv’s are an important feature in any home these days. Gone are the days when TV’s were only used to watch sitcoms or movies, with the modern technology you can now connect your television with internet, use it as a computer screen and even connect it to your gaming console. Due to the multifunctional aspect of televisions, one needs to dedicate a specific location for placing these entertainment units. 

If you are looking for some innovative ideas to design your TV rooms then here are 15 pictures that can help.

1. TV unit and storage

One of the best designs that you can consider is this TV unit and storage layout. By creating storage space next to your TV you will be able to keep all your entertainment essentials like CD, speakers, and USB within reach.

2. Study and TV unit

Another super good idea for your TV room is is this study and TV unit combination. You can use the same wall for two entirely different purposes by creating shelves in the middle which act as a divider.

3. Focal wall TV unit

If you are looking to create a unique design for your TV room then building a similar looking focal wall can be a great idea. The designer for this wall has created an infinite look by merging the ceiling with the wall.

4. Floating entertainment unit

For those of you who want to fit in an entire entertainment unit without taking much space opting for such floating TV units is an excellent idea. The highlight of this unit is that it is sleek and can be fixed easily.

5. Wall mounted TV

Another way to save floor space is by opting for a wall mounted TV. If you are looking to enhance the appeal of your TV room you can also add additional shelves below the TV for decoration purposes.

6. In-built TV unit

If you do not want your TV to jut out while placed on the wall then creating an inbuilt layout can be ideal. These layouts can also help avoid damages as the TV is in level with the wall.

7. Wooden TV unit

Opting for wooden TV units can also be a great idea especially if you are looking to add a rustic feel to your room. Apart from this these units are also highly durable which makes them the first preference of most people.

8. TV and curio cabinet

It is not important that you have only a television in your TV unit. You can also add curio cabinets to beautify the place. This can also make the room multifunctional at the same time.

9. Additional storage and TV unit

If you have a large wall which you are dedicating to your TV unit then adding cupboards and cabinets is also recommended. By doing so you will be able to incorporate additional storage in your room without wasting any space.

10. Artistic touch

Another thing that goes well with TV unit is an artistic wall. You can add pictures and paintings of different types on your TV wall to make it look regal.

11. LED back-lights

One of the main elements that you can use to make your TV room look great is LED backlights. These lights will not only illuminate the entire room but will also make it look modern.

12. Designer shelves

If you are thinking of incorporating different types of shelves in your TV room then it is not important that you opt for traditional designs. You can create custom shelves like shown in the picture to make your TV unit stand out.

13. Minimalist design

For those of you who love simple designs opting for this white on white layout is highly recommended. By placing the TV on the wall with two shelves on top and bottom you will be able to create a functional yet simple TV unit.

14. Colour contrast

One of the simplest ways to make your TV unit look beautiful is by using contrasting colours. As seen in the picture the designer has used natural wood along with grey upholstery to highlight the entertainment unit.

15. TV room and den

Combining your TV room with a den or a sanctuary can also be a great idea for designing a personal space. If you're looking for a lounge like feel then creating a place that has a study along with seating is a perfect choice.

Check out our ideabooks for more designs. 

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