19 ideas to make the entrance of your house look sensational

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There is no better impression than the first, and based on this idea we put together some ideas that will make the entrance of your house look simply sensational. Today we bring you 19 designs by our  professionals that will make a tremendous impact on anyone who enters your home. These ideas range from simple things that can be done even by oneself, to spectacular designs that we are sure will surprise you. Come and meet them, here in homify! 

1. Sculptural visual retake

You can also achieve an excellent impression and unique style by adding a sculpture or a statue just as a visual finish when entering the house.

2. With oriental style

Large wooden furniture at the entrance and some oriental ornamental details can give a sense of peace and harmony to the access to your home.

3. In total symmetry

A pair of armchairs arranged side by side combined with a small display cabinet and a modern mirror can create a completely symmetrical and modern lobby that will surely cause a sensation in the people who visit you.

4. White everywhere

Parliament Hill Interior Design, Hampstead, London, Residence Interior Design Ltd Residence Interior Design Ltd Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
Residence Interior Design Ltd

Parliament Hill Interior Design, Hampstead, London

Residence Interior Design Ltd

The colour white is not a boring colour, on the contrary, it is an excellent way to impact and have a greater amplitude inside the house, with a totally modern and minimalist design. 

5. Slate wall

There are special pains and finishes that can leave the surface of a wall just like a chalkboard, so that you are able to use chalk to decorate it or make some notes or reminders. 

6. A mirror wall

If the entrance is to some extent reduced or narrow, there's nothing like having a mirror wall that allows you to create a visual effect of great amplitude when entering the house.

7. Taking advantage of space

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steading conversion

adam mcnee ltd

If you have a wide entrance, there's nothing better than having excellent natural lighting that helps convey a sense of warmth and welcome in the house.

8. Circular mirrors

Another way to make the entrance of your house look amazing is to install circular mirrors, which give a modern and very unique effect to the space.

9. Pure Elegance

Luxury Staircase, Haldane UK Haldane UK Modern corridor, hallway & stairs Wood
Haldane UK

Luxury Staircase

Haldane UK

There is nothing like a piano to give a very elegant and distinctive touch to the entrance of any home.

10. An aquarium at home

Helical glass staircase around giant fish tank Diapo Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Helical glass staircase around giant fish tank


If you trying to dress to impress so that the entrance of the house looks amazing, there is no better way to do it than integrating a giant aquarium in the center of the lobby.

11. Contact with the outside

Another way to have an original entrance is having contact with the outside, with a view towards the landscape that surrounds the  house, such as pictured here. 

12. Large wooden doors

A large double door made of wood guarantees an impact not only from the outside, but also compliments the interior.

13. Separation with design

A dividing wall with design perfectly defines the lobby area, but at the same time invites us to discover the rest of the house. 

14. Integrating art

One of the easiest ways to achieve an excellent first impression when entering a house is to add a piece of art, such as a framed painting, which will surely be an excellent topic of conversation for the guests.

15. Mirrors right at the entrance

A wardrobe with mirrors fulfills a double function at the entrance. First, it creates a feeling of greater spatial breadth and second, it serves to take a quick look to accommodate the wardrobe before leaving. 

16. You should also look down

A floor design with a retro or vintage feel can make all the difference inside a lobby when entering a house, creating a unique welcoming space.

17. Small details

A small lamp, a small bench and a small shelf is all that is needed (next to a small mirror), to make the entrance to the house surprisingly great.

18. With modern touch

miniszyk, unikat:lab unikat:lab Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs



Having a chic coat rack and a pink armchair on a black background guarantees an excellent impression, with a very modern and contemporary style.

19. With great brightness

The idea of white throughout the space can be overwhelming, but you can add notes of color, with plants or some decorative elements that break the power of whiteness.

We hope you're inspired to try some of these ideas for the entrance of your home. For more related ideas, have a look at 8 ideas for a small home entrance

Which entrance design do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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