8 pictures of railings to inspire you!

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Have you ever noticed how lattice structures can add visual interest to an environment? They are known by many names like latticework, bars and the most popular—railings. One of the main characteristics is that they work perfectly to separate spaces, generating privacy, and in the case of external areas, it promotes safety. There are many designs that you can utilise— minimalist, modern or conventional, you decide! Let's take a look at these 8 lattice models shall we? 

1. Use dynamic shapes to embellish the exterior

This type of structures are often used in engineering to build bridges and stairs, however this time we present it as a very interesting latticework type made up of flat, straight and inclined bars, giving a really striking appearance to the facade of the house. If you are thinking of installing a new security guard, what do you think of this design? It is modern, unique and will give value to your residence.

2. Use it as a mural, at the back of the room

Many are made of PVC, steel, wood and even aluminum, and there is a variety of forms such as the one pictured here where the joints create a really striking design. giving a unique texture to the room. Just by placing it behind the furniture you have completely renovated the environment! 

3. Give that corner a special look

One of the properties of this type of lattice is the ventilation it gives the home. Look how good that column looks where it has integrated this system, and so practical too. If you have a similar one at home put some cushions to beautify the environment. Accompany it with carpets, curtains and a splash of colors.

4. Generate movement in the hallway with bars

The expert in Design and Decoration  D'ODORICO ARCHITECTURE & WORKS exhibits this facade as one of the most beautiful, with modernism in the air this lattice gives the main entrance a dynamic and interesting aspect due to the effect of light between the slits . In addition, the cozy effect of the wood makes us feel welcome. It's an interior experience from the beginning! 

5. A divider with personality

As we had mentioned, the louvers can function perfectly as dividers in different areas of the home. Notice the attractive shape in which this model works perfectly to frame the garden area and beautify the interior of the residence. The geometric shapes in this type of structure are ideal to let light enter our home and take advantage of its benefits.

6. Kinetic and very elegant

Country house in Ancín. Terrace Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos Minimalist balcony, veranda & terrace Stone Red
Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos

Country house in Ancín. Terrace

Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos

Sometimes creating a cosy space outdoors is challenging because we want to take advantage of the landscape where we live, but want privacy at the same time, so how do we achieve both? The solution we have at a glance: install lattices like these that provide ventilation, lighting and privacy. A great way to connect with the environment and hide from the neighbours! 

7. Use the doors as decorative elements

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Taking advantage of the elements of your home is the best thing you can do to give it personality. If you are a fan of the delicate finishes, make a reform in the balcony door by placing a striking mount with slits on the top. There are many interesting designs to choose from, think of your needs and an ideal model that suits your needs. To use the same material as the sliding doors is the most appropriate.

8. Place it as a divider between spaces

With just a few wooden bars, two rooms can be been created, as seen here. This alternative is very economical and simple to do since with just several bars the whole environment will look like new. 

We hope you will be inspired to try out some of these ideas on how to use lattice structures at home. For more ideas on latticework, have a look at A tour to a unique and stunning farmhouse from Wada.

Which lattice structure did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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