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7 low budget bungalow models to see before building your own

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When it’s time to build your dream home, how do you decide on the style and the materials? This becomes more difficult when you need to build a home within a small budget. The good news is that it is possible to build a unique and stunning home even on a low budget. Today, we have put together this ideabook with 7 low-budget bungalow models to give you some ideas on how you can you can build your house using cost-effective materials and practical design. Browse through to decide which one you would like to copy.

1. Rustic style

This charming house is built using locally sourced brick and stone, which not only keeps the costs low, but is also a practical solution for the hot and humid weather in the region. It’s built on a partial slope, but the house is designed so that most of the structure is set on firm ground while the living area and a bedroom rest on an open stilt. The roof is composed on fabricated steel supported by internal boarding and is covered with Mangalore tiles for aesthetics. The model includes a beautiful garden, central open courtyard as well as a library/audiovisual room, besides the usual social and private spaces.

2. Geometry and views

A house built as a weekend home, this one is designed to optimize the views of the surrounding greenery from every room. The cement and stone structure plays with double height volumes of the upper and lower levels and is planned with the main entrance at the higher level, with an internal wooden staircase leading to the lower deck.

3. Contemporary with classic touches

At first glance, this double-storied house looks like a typical modern cement structure. However, it incorporates a few classic features such as a double-height arch as well as a covered balcony over the open porch, which makes it interesting. Paving tiles are used in favour of concrete for the driveway to present a colourful and maintenance-free feature at the entrance.

4. Colourful and eclectic

While the design and structure of this house are modern, its vibrant colours make it unique. The inspiration for the red colour comes from the traditional mud homes in the region. Contrasted by soothing green, it transforms the façade of the home to make it eye-catching. Box-like windows on the façade bring another unique element to the design as do the curved grills on the gate and security fence on the boundary wall.

5. Sophistication with stone

Made from locally sourced stone, this house is eco-friendly and stylish. The entire façade, is created using thick slabs of the cut stone. Clay tiles on the roof present a lovely contrast to the grey stone, while retaining the natural look. The interiors make use of stone wherever possible, as flooring and as steps on the staircase leading to the upper level, to keep the costs low.

6. Contemporary classic

This is a typical family home that we come across in many parts of India. However, it plays with volume and colour to become memorable. Instead of the box-like structure and straight lines that are common to modern homes, this one adds interest with protruding balcony extensions, patterned grills and a double-toned façade.

7. Recycled and earthy

Using compressed earth as the foundation, with a plinth beam that brings together the base, this house is a dream-come-true for those who are conscious of the ecological impact of construction. The load-bearing walls too are made from compressed earth that is rammed by hand into a frame. The unavoidable use of concrete for the roof is kept to a minimum by interspersing with inverted terracotta pots. All the doors, windows and load-bearing columns are recycled from salvaged materials sourced from demolished homes – an interesting alternative to new timber – thus eliminating tree-felling.

For more ideas for low-budget models, see 8 precious houses that were very cheap.

Few other low budget models

The cost of building a bungalow in India entirely depends on the amount of money you are ready to invest. For those looking for a low budget bungalow construction, this might serve their purpose. Designed by professionals, this simple yet beautiful creation has been constructed using concrete blocks which are durable and lightweight. These blocks are used for the foundation and basement walls to enhance the overall strength of the house. In addition, the clay tiles used for the roof not only create a pleasing façade but also protect against waterlogging during rain and keep the house protected.

Are you in search of elegant and low-budget bungalow images? Here is an organic-looking bungalow design that you can consider. Built facing the sun, which is the best direction according to Vastu, this house features simple architecture and has been constructed using locally sourced sandstone. This material provides proper protection from excessive heat and helps to keep the rooms cool while maintaining the rustic character. Along with sandstone, wood has been used for building balcony grills and doors to lend an aesthetic touch.

Which one fits the bill for your dream bungalow? Answer in the comments.

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